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Which MP3 codec do you prefer?

  • LAME 3.90.3
    71 (20.2%)
  • LAME 3.96.1
    215 (61.1%)
  • yet another LAME version (please specify)
    53 (15.1%)
  • another MP3 codec than LAME (please specify)
    13 (3.7%)

Total Members Voted: 550

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  • Hancoque
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Which MP3 codec do you prefer?
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I use LAME 3.96.1 because it's the latest final release. I used Ogg Vorbis for quite some time but when I bought my little MP3 USB stick I switched back to MP3, which provides me with good enough quality (as long as I can't tell the difference to the original I call it good enough ). I'd only switch to a new codec if it provided the same quality as LAME at about half the file size.
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  • blm07
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Which MP3 codec do you prefer?
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3.96.1 because its faster than 3.90.3, that's about the only reason since I don't encode too many mp3s (or any lossy formats) often.
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