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ABC/HR for Java 0.5a released

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I have the same problem. I can decode flac files without problems, but mp3 are not usable. I thought first that the filename was too long, or something like that. But even with a basic filepath (c:\file.mp3) the program can't decode the file.

I'm using the latest madplay.exe available on

ABC/HR for Java 0.5a released

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Ok, this is strange. If I install abchr on my desktop (which is in greek if this makes any difference), I get the cannot decode file error upon pressing Start Test (ABX).

If I install it on "C:\", I don't get an error message, but when I try playing the samples I hear no sound.

OK, I think the first error is indeed caused by your greek desktop. The command line interface can't handle Unicode paths. I uploaded a fixed version (link in the first post) which should work in your case (though it still won't be able to decode files whose pathnames contain non-ASCII characters).

As for the second error, changing your playback device in the settings dialog might help. I don't have time to look into this now, but I will later today.

ABC/HR for Java 0.5a released

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Thank you Schnofler! It works fine now. The second error was caused by using "Port NVIDIA® nForceĀ™ Audio" as the playback device. The other device options are ok.

ABC/HR for Java 0.5a released

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mp3 decoding works correctly now.

There's still a minor 'bug'. It occurs when you try to open an audio file, then switch from abc/hr to another application (e.g. explorer, in order to locate the path of the tested files), and then switch again to abc/hr. When you do this, the window corresponding to the "OPEN FILE" command is behind the main window of abc/hr, which doesn't respond (because the active window is the "OPEN FILE" one, hidden and therefore not accessible).

First time it occurs, I've killed the app with the task manager. Then I've found another solution: WINDOWS + D in order to minimize all opened application, then switching to abc/hr.

I'm probably not clear at all. To repeat the bug, just:
1/ open abc/hr, and launch a new ABC test
2/ click on the "open file" button
3/ open explorer
4/ switch to ABC/HR
=> the program won't answer I suppose

PS: I don't know if it explains the issue: I'm working in 1024 x 768 mode.

ABC/HR for Java 0.5a released

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Yes, I saw that bug before. Another solution is to switch to the ABC/HR window by Alt+Tab instead of using the taskbar. For some reason, the dialog will appear in front when you do it that way. I supposed this quirkiness is a bug in Swing, because I'm not explicitly doing anything in the program that would respond differently to task switches via task bar or Alt+Tab. I'll see if I can avoid this somehow.

ABC/HR for Java 0.5a released

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Hey, schnofler

So, any news? Is it stable enough to be released as 0.5 final and be announced at RareWares?


ABC/HR for Java 0.5a released

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I've a problem with alpha5. I've recently reinstall a fresh XP system. ABC/HR is working fine, fur for unknow reasons, I can't get it to decode vorbis files. All other are working fine: mp3, flac, mpc, wv.
oggdec 1.01 (downloaded from rarewares yesterday) is in path (like other decoders).

I made a screenshot of the current and default settings of ABC/HR:

I've tried many variations, changing %i %o order, removing -o, etc... no ways to make it work. Any idea?

N.B. I had no problems in the past (old XP installation), even with alpha5. Maybe because I've installed alpha5 over older versions?

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