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Please Decode Alt-settings

Hi people,

what exactly do all the alt-presets mean? I mean the exact command line?

E.g. --r3mix means "--nspsytune --vbr-mtrh -V1 -mj -h -b96 --lowpass 19.5 --athtype 3 --ns-sfb21 2 -Z --scale 0.98 -X0"

Thanks in advance.

Please Decode Alt-settings

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doesn't work that way, do a search here about your question, been asked and answered many many times

<edit> When I say 'doesn't work that way' I meant alt-presets don't work like r3mix does, doesn't translate to a command line

Please Decode Alt-settings

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Aaarrrrrgggg . Yes, found a good answer with the search...
You might call me a dickhead... Its alright...

Please Decode Alt-settings

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that's ok, it was a very good question to ask, just been answered already is all