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Dimitris compile of 20/11/01
I'm getting really confused  (not difficult to do !!!!), about presets.
Could someone give me the presets for Dimitris compile of 20th Nov.


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Dimitris compile of 20/11/01
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If you are talking about Dibrom's presets, that Dmitri's official CVS compile still uses the old --dm-preset standard/xtreme/insane switches.

Dibrom's own compiles which are not official, use --alt-preset switches. The mode which has been highly tweaked recently is --alt-preset normal. Latest version is rev6:

More info using rev6: lame --alt-preset help |more
Using Dmitri's compile: lame --dm-preset help |more

The changes from Dibrom's compile will be hopefully imported to the Lame CVS, but this is not the case yet.
Juha Laaksonheimo

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Dimitris compile of 20/11/01
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The only difficulty is that I don't know how to access:

"More info using rev6: lame --alt-preset help |more
Using Dmitri's compile: lame --dm-preset help |more"

I suspect that it is dos but dont know how to use it.

A quick breakdown would be very useful as I'm not convinced that some of the front-ends are all that clever.

Any assistance at all would be very much appreciated


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Dimitris compile of 20/11/01
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Yes it is dos, and unfortunatelt I dont think there is any easy frontend that has adapted to Dimitris new settinbgs (--alt-preset ) yet (maybe Im wrong?

However this is the text you get when using --alt-preset help
( i tried to make it readable, lets see how it turns out  )

LAME version 3.90 MMX (alpha 8, Nov 17 2001 02:57:35) (

The --alt-preset switches are designed to provide the highest possible quality.

They have for the most part been subject to and tuned via rigorous double blind
listening tests to verify and achieve this objective.

These are continually updated to coincide with the latest developments that
occur and as a result should provide you with nearly the best quality
currently possible from LAME.

To activate these presets:

  For VBR modes (generally highest quality):

    "--alt-preset normal"
                          This preset generally offers very decent  quality.
                            For many people it should be transparent or
                            nearly transparent on most easier to encode
                            music. while it still offers high quality on difficult
                            music,  the higher presets perform better in this
                            area. The preset is designed for efficiency, with
                            the idea being to provide as high quality as
                            possible on difficult music without also
                            increasing the bitrate significantly on easier
                            music as well.

    "--alt-preset high"
                            This preset should generally be transparent
                            to most people on most music and is already
                            quite high in quality.
    "--alt-preset extreme"
                            If you have extremely good hearing and similar
                            equipment, this preset will generally provide
                            slightly higher quality than the "high"
                            mode. This mode will also provide much higher
                            quality on certain clips heavy on synthetic
                            impulse sounds, such as those in fatboy.wav.

  For CBR 320kbps (highest quality possible from the --alt-preset switches):

    "--alt-preset insane"
                            This preset will usually be overkill for most
                            people and most situations, but if you must
                            have the absolute highest quality with no
                            regard to filesize, this is the way to go.

  For ABR modes (high quality per given bitrate but not as high as VBR):

    "--alt-preset <kbps>"
                            Using this preset will usually give you good
                            quality at a specified bitrate. Depending on the
                            bitrate entered, this preset will determine the
                            optimal settings for that particular situation.
                            While this approach works, it is not nearly as
                            flexible as VBR, and usually will not attain the
                            same level of quality as VBR at higher bitrates.

The following options are also available for the corresponding profiles:

  <fast>        high
  <fast>        extreme
          <cbr> (ABR Mode) - The ABR Mode is implied. To use it,
                            simply specify a bitrate. For example:
                            "--alt-preset 185" activates this
                            preset and uses 185 as an average kbps.

  "fast" - Enables the new fast VBR for a particular profile. The
            disadvantage to the speed switch is that often times the
            bitrate will be slightly higher than with the normal mode
            and quality may be slightly lower also.

  "cbr"  - If you use the ABR mode (read above) with a significant
            bitrate such as 80, 96, 112, 128, 160, 192, 224, 256, 320,
            you can use the "cbr" option to force CBR mode encoding
            instead of the standard abr mode. ABR does provide
            quality but CBR may be useful in situations such as when
            streaming an mp3 over the internet may be important.

    For example:

or "lame --alt-preset fast high <input file> <output file>"
or "lame --alt-preset cbr 192 <input file> <output file>"
or "lame --alt-preset 172 <input file> <output file>"
or "lame --alt-preset extreme <input file> <output file>"

But simplified use :

lame --alt-preset normal yoursong.wav yoursong.mp3

and everything will work out. If you want to use a frontend or a ripper you can for instance use CDEX . Ther you can specify external encoder. Then in the textbox where the "command"  is you can write:

--alt-preset normal %1 %2

Hope that helped you more than  it confused you ;-)


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Dimitris compile of 20/11/01
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Open a MSDOS window, this will normally present you with the prompt:


You need to change to the dir/folder where you have lame:

at the prompt - CDdirnamedirname  etc

you will then have a prompt something like:


then type: lame --dm-preset help > dmhelp.txt

This will copy the help info in to a file called dmhelp.txt which you can open in notepad, etc. You can then do the same for the normal presets, but give the file a different name!

Hope that helps, you will have a permanent reference.

My compiles and utilities are at