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  • XenoFenix
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Converting Ogg Files
Hey i was wondering this might have been answered but if you can answer it again. Is it possible that i could convert a q6 ogg file to wav and then to mp3 and will i notice any loss in quality. This is for my Ipod because Apple won't have any support (as of yet) for ogg files (i sent a request to them god know how long it'll take LOL). Or can i just convert it straight to mp3 VBR. Anyway get back to me with some information thanks!!!

  • Daijoubu
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Converting Ogg Files
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Ogg -> Wav, No
Ogg/Wav -> MP3, Yes

  • john33
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Converting Ogg Files
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There will be a quality loss, but unless you plan on using the iPod in a super quiet environment I doubt it will be noticeable. Your best bet is to try a few tracks out and see (hear!!  ) what you think.
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