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  • Boracay
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same results?
Hi guys,  this might seem to be an odd question ( or maybe even a stupid one) but I just need to be sure, will there be any difference in terms of quality/size, when I encode the same CD track on let's say on a very low end machine like maybe a Cyrix 100 vs. let's say a Pentium Xeon?

  • Jasper
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same results?
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No. As long as you use the same software to encode of course.

  • rutra80
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same results?
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If encoder is optimized for using multimedia extensions like MMX, SSE, 3DNow, etc. and you'll use it on a CPU which doesn't support them, it can use native FPU operations for encoding. So, there may be some differences in resulting data, slower encoding speed, and few bytes smaller/bigger size, but they shouldn't affect quality.
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