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Windows Media Drm 10 Cracked?

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...usage instructions and reports of successful attempts have been added to the Doom9 thread.
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Windows Media Drm 10 Cracked?

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after a long history of successfully unDRMing legally bought content via drm2wmv & drmdbg there is now a new tool based on drmdbg available called FairUse4WM posted by viodentia.

FairUse4WM is a GUI version of drmdbg that supports individualization version .3930 and some WM11 versions.

Basic requirements
1. Only works on individualized DRM file
2. Requires WM10 or WM11. Won't work on WM9.

The program's functioning can be verified with "Demo" DRM files from, as well as those from other Microsoft Solution partners.

This program is ONLY designed and intended to enable fair-use rights to PURCHASED media.
- While I haven't been able to support license expiration/rental detection, please don't use this to abuse rental license
- This code does NOT allow import of KID/SID pairs to preclude its use for piracy

Note that some WM installations will have multiple ECC key-pairs, so you will likely have to "Extract Keys" using multiple licensed files. If you find a file that doesn't convert, try extracting keys wth it. Once your whole set of keys is extracted, you will no longer need to run WM per file.

Finally, I'd like to thank the people who helped me test this program. Thanks for the suggestions, and yes, even the problems. With your help, I hope I am able to release a stable tool for Wm conversion.

see the Doom9 thread for download links.
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