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foo_ui_columns configurations
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darkblue. updated again for 0.9 beta 13 and 0.1.3 pre-alpha 16
...and some small changes. 

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foo_ui_columns configurations
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Update to my fooby config:
- Added columns to show missing tags, file type & play count
- Added audioscrobbler submission indicator
- Made track time display configurable (1:23, -3:37, 1:23/5:00, -3:37/5:00)
- Streamlined track info
- Added audioscrobbler submission indicator to track info
- Added color schemes to track info to match columns config
- Added 4 new color schemes

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foo_ui_columns configurations
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darkblue for 0.1.3 pre-alpha 16 v2.
changed "Style" code using $set_style().

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foo_ui_columns configurations
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Update to my config.

2005-12-21 14:37
- new album based column layout
- new classical music based column layout
- user defined color schemes for columns ui and track info panel
- options to hide or show sections in track info panel
- track info panel displays appropriate info for classical music
- 1 new color scheme

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foo_ui_columns configurations
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darkblue, updated for 0.9 RC and 0.1.3 pre-alpha 17v2.

Bitrate will be shown as percentage (62.5% or etc.) when tech info "encoding" is "lossless",
otherwise ("lossy" or "hybrid") in kbps (192kbps and so on).
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foo_ui_columns configurations
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Upps!    Take it from here or here.
If you have some troubles tell me. 

((((( Strictly4me )))))

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foo_ui_columns configurations
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Here you go.
Buttons here:

foo_ui_columns configurations
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updated for 0.9 final and 0.1.3 pre-alpha 17v6.

fixed a few points.
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foo_ui_columns configurations
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lextune requested this:
[a href="" target="_blank"] [ Specified attachment is not available ]

EDIT: removed double attachment
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foo_ui_columns configurations
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Hmh, didn't feel like updating my old config entirely to fb2k 0.9 and new Columns UI so I just did a new one.

Works best with properly tagged files.

Tags supported:

Album Artist

Relatively crude single detection: Goes into single mode when either the file has a %singletrack% tag, if the path contains a folder named =singles" or the playlist name starts with -S-.

Not too happy with the vis colour yet, but oh well.

Screenshot and fcs attached.

And since I had so much fun messing around with the new columns settings here I give you a little Hydrogenaudio Themed version as a litte bonus. 

So in case you don't know what to do during the next forum downtime you can just stare at your fb2k playlist. 

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foo_ui_columns configurations
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Alright, I finally cleaned up this thread a bit. Please read the topic discription in the first post of this topic carefully before posting here.

Offtopic posts split to here. Future offtopic posts will get deleted,

Otherwise I can only say. Keep them coming. If you feel the need to share your fcs please do so here. 
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foo_ui_columns configurations
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dBaines ColumnsUI Config
Heavily Modified Soap.fcs by Mixcherry
Last Updated: 2006.04.21

Album View
(Normal Playlist)

VA Album View
(Normal Playlist with an Album Artist defined for each of the albums)

Singles View
(Playlist with -s- in it's name)

Playlist Switcher Code
Code: [Select]
// If contains >> set as header
// Header formatting

// If Is Playing...
♫ $replace(%title%,-s-,),
♪ $replace(%title%,-s-,)

// Show length
 '('%size% tracks')'



Update (25th April)
I've attached a second file, a suite.
This includes the FCS, the buttons, and very detailed documentation for the layout, titleformatting and such. It's a fairly big file size increase, so I've left the original FCS aswell, for people that only want the FCS.
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foo_ui_columns configurations
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foo_ui_columns configurations
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Whipped this up after looking through Brother John's guide then doing some serious changing of things, adding some extra columns and changing colors to something more my preference. Only the Artist/Album and Track columns resize so it works fine if you resize your window.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Required Tags

%artist%, %title%, %album%, %tracknumber% and %album tracks% are essential.

%disc%, %date%, %album artist% and %album date% are also supported.



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foo_ui_columns configurations
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I wanted to write a proper 0.9 style scheme for a long time, Haven't found the time till now. Courtesy of Brother John's guide aswell, Well written (Although i have to say i was aware of all the bells and whistles needed for the album layout).

Essential Tags - %artist% / %title% / %album% / %tracknumber% and %totaltracks% (Standard tag that replaces brotherjohn's tag).

$meta(album artist) indicates VA album, %totaltracks% = 1 indicates a single track.
%discnumber%, %date%, %genre% are also displayed.

Colors are customizable in the globals section. I've tried to comment stuff as much as possible to allow easy moding.

Enjoy! Let me know about any bugs, Suggestions, Comments, Etc.

NOTE: This probably breaks completely with funky albums - Incomplete albums or albums with various artists but NOT tagged as such (using the ALBUM ARTIST tag).
I'm not gonna account for that, and thus, there is no 'singles' playlist. The reason is, That i define my music (and tag it accordingly) as either a full album, or single tracks(s).

FCS is attached, Made using WinRAR v3.50, ZIP format.
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foo_ui_columns configurations
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Here's my latest iteration: Foobar Milk.

[a href="" target="_blank"]

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foo_ui_columns configurations
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foo_ui_columns configurations
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My lates horizontal setup:

Required tags: %album%, %artist%, %album artist% (for VA), %tracknumber%, %totaltracks%, %performer% (for Classical).

Not much going on in the globals department just some sorting with the above-mentioned tags, files with missing fields will not appear correctly, pretty simple configuration overall.

Components: Columns UI, Album List Panel, Playlist Dropdown, Album Art Panel.

The components aren't heavily modified from the defaults, I mostly just matched the colors with the playlist.

Layout settings:

Album list autohide:

[ Specified attachment is not available ]
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foo_ui_columns configurations
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dBaines ColumnsUI Config
Heavily Modified Soap.fcs by Mixcherry

Preview: (singles (-s-) mode)

Previous post with older screenshots

  • Three new colour schemes: Lime Green, Black, and Dark Blue (preview above)
  • Removed Top-Border-For-First-Track and replaced with Bottom-Border-For-Last-Track (requires the use of %totaltracks%, see documentation for more info, I've left the code for "top-border-for-first-track" so you can re-enable it, again see documentation for more info)
  • Fixed a couple of colour mis-matches
  • Several columns hidden by default, feel free to enable/disable any to suit your needs/preferences.
  • Added an Alternate Elapsed Time/Length column, styled the same way as the darker columns, with alternating background colours (see preview image)
  • Heavily updated documentation (see documentation for a list of changes)
Matching Buttons

As last time, there are two uploads here, the FCS by itself, and a suite. The suite comes with the FCS, documentation, and the buttons all in one ZIP file.
All layout information, titleformatting strings, and various columns help can be found in the documentation.
An online version of the documentation can be found here.
Previous versions of the FCS can be found here.
If you have any questions or problems, feel free to PM or e-mail me.
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foo_ui_columns configurations
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My iTunes layout... Updated with lots of additions. :3


Album view: use VARIOUS = 1 for compilations

Singles view:

Top trackinfo:
Code: [Select]

Bottom trackinfo:
Code: [Select]
[%genre%]$tab()$if2(%album%,%_path%) '('[%date%]')'$char(10)
[%codec% %bitrate%Kbps][%_extrainfo%] ~
$div(1411,%bitrate%).$substr($muldiv(1411,100,%bitrate%),2,3):1 '('$sub(100,$muldiv(%bitrate%,100,1411))'%)'
',' $div(%_filesize%,1048576).$num($div($mul($mod(%_filesize%,1048576),100),1048576),2) MB
$tab()[%playback_time% / ][%length%]$char(10))

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foo_ui_columns configurations
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foo_ui_columns configurations
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This is my one-column hybrid mode config made without styles - so it's suitable both for default and columns UI. It's had very clean code and it's very fast.

Also i always wanted to fill empty space in album column - so i put there ASCII logo.

old screenshot

Updated status bar and rating column.

You can get it here:
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just music

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foo_ui_columns configurations
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This is my columns ui playlist switcher titleformatting config

Code: [Select]
// Formatting by Saivert <>

// Build up string in var(text)
$puts(text,$if(%is_playing%,'(>) ',$if(%is_active%,'(*) ','(_) ')) %title%',' %size% items',' Playtime: %length%[',' Locked: %lock_name%])

//Split the string up in two halves

//Display bi-directional gradient text

Here is the screenshot:

Larger screenshot - foobar2000 component repository

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foo_ui_columns configurations
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Here's the config for this:
[a href="" target="_blank"]

foo_ui_columns configurations
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