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XviD 1.1 beta1 is out
I can't believe no one posted this already... anyway here it goes.
the XviD development crew has released 1.1 beta1!
(1.1 alpha was featured in Doom9's codec shoot-out 2004)

get your binary here:
Doom9 thread:

- {core}: Rate-Distortion mode decision for bvops.
- {core}: Two new postprocessing functions, brightness and deringing.
- {core}: VBV support in 2pass mode
- {core}: Overal encoder speedup, especially for b-frames and all vhq modes.
- {core}: Overal speedup of the decoder, merging decoding steps together
in order to save significant memory bandwidth, enabled mmx
qpel support that was misteriously disabled in 1.0.x. All optimizations
could lead to a 25% speedup, and something closer to 12% in average.
- {core}: Fixes to the CBR/ABR rate controller, it should work much better with
bvops now.
- {core}: Fix to the 2pass2 code that could cause doubling the overflow.
- {dshow}: Support for brightness control.
- {vfw}: Many small improvements.

full list of changes:
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