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How to sort in the albumlist panel?

I have the albumlist panel open in a sidebar, usually with the Year view. Problem is that it sorts in ascending order, so I the first year I see is 1954. How could I reverse the order of the list so it's descending from 2005 at the top to 1954 at the bottom?

The string for Year is:
Code: [Select]
date|[$if2(%album artist%,%artist%)] - [%album%]|[[%disc%.][$num(%tracknumber%,2).] ]$if2(%title%,%_filename_ext%)

but I couldn't tell if that's what I need to modify to reverse the sort order. It doesn't seem like there's any separate option for this in the prefs dialog.

Thanks to anyone who can give me a hand here

How to sort in the albumlist panel?

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The usual way of reversing a sort order, is to use e.g. $sub(3000,%date%) instead of %date%. But, as there isn't an independent custom sort order for each view, I can't think of a way to reverse sorting, and at the same time display the actual date.

Maybe someone else has an idea, or maybe I can come up with something after my first cup of coffee... 

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