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Highest quality with AAC Encoder
Since FAAC is not recommended for maximum quality encoding,
what encoder should I use for high bitrates (256 at least) ??

-QT 6 (FhG ?) or Pstyel ?
-Is LTP in Psytel really better than LC found in QT6 @256 ??

I think it's interresting to know how LTP can improve the quality at high bitrates ! 

ThnX !!

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Highest quality with AAC Encoder
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I think at that bitrate the choice between QT6 and Psytel doesn't really matter, they are both transparent at that bitrate. Just take which one you like better.
I wouldn't recommend LTP, I don't think it gives a big improvement in quality at that bitrate. It's more useful at bitrates around 128kbps. (And I found out yesterday that LTP decoding is broken in FAAD2, fix will be commited to CVS soon).


Highest quality with AAC Encoder
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Thank you very much Menno ! 
I think i will use QT LC !  :coding: