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Game Emu Player (foo_gep) by kode54
Reply #250
I will look into that album rip set.

There is already a SSF component, foo_input_aossf, on this uploads site for a Japanese wiki. Along with a DSF player.

I already have a SSF/DSF player library that is reentrant, but it's not perfect, so it doesn't play all rips properly.

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Game Emu Player (foo_gep) by kode54
Reply #251
There is already a SSF component, foo_input_aossf, on this uploads site for a Japanese wiki. Along with a DSF player.

Direct links:

aossf 1.21 =
aoqsf 0.07 =
aodsf 0.10 =

At the time of writing this, they are on page 6.

Despite the linked site being in Japanese, the author of these plugins appears to speak English, as witness the documentation/changelogs. Also important to note is the fact that the archives contain plugins not only for foobar2000 v0.9+ but also for fb2k 0.8.x, Winamp 2, Winamp 5, and KbMedia Player. Finally, the archives contain sources.

I mention all of this just so that anyone who might have been discouraged by their location will be re-encouraged.

I already have a SSF/DSF player library that is reentrant, but it's not perfect, so it doesn't play all rips properly.

Out of interest, do you plan to work on it any more? For the few Saturn soundtracks I’d want to listen to, I’m happy to use the OST version or Audio Overload (which presumably means aossf would work fine), but this is interesting anyhow, seeing as it’d be just one more to add to the many things foo_gep can do.

Edit: Found it. I see that you disabled SSF support due to problems emulating the relevant DSP processing, and it looks like you eventually removed the component altogether. Disregard if nothing has happened since then! I did see, however, that – conversely – aodsf apparently had (has?) problems with DSP emulation, whereas HT and thus your component didn’t.
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Game Emu Player (foo_gep) by kode54
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I updated the list of plugins you mentioned. aoqsf is also kind of terrible, prefer foo_input_qsf instead.

I'll ask Neill about it, then consider publishing the source to Highly Theoretical under GPLv3 or LGPL, so I can try to get community support in updating it to a proper state. It supports playback of both SSF and DSF files, but seems to glitch at the DSP filtering on SSF files, and I don't know why. I'll have to debug it.

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Game Emu Player (foo_gep) by kode54
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Ah – I’ve been ninja’d.

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Game Emu Player (foo_gep) by kode54
Reply #254
Sega Saturn Sound Support sounds really Cool  ^+^ there are a few games I loved on the Sega Saturn including
- Shining Force 3   
- Mystaria the realms of lore (aka Blazing Heroes)
and probably;y a few others i can't seem recall at this point....
finding the relevant sound files at some point would be the next thing to do

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Game Emu Player (foo_gep) by kode54
Reply #255
I tried building a DSF only version of Highly Theoretical, but it glitched out on the first modland rip I downloaded, Guilty Gear X. Looks like AOSSF and AODSF are still the safe bet for now.

At least the current AODSF is easy enough to install with that .fb2k-component file included in the archive. Installing AOSSF (or AOQSF, if you want to mess with that) is easy enough, all you have to do is repack foo_input_aossf.dll (or foo_input_aoqsf.dll) and the accompanying .bin file into a .zip or .fb2k-component and install that.
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Game Emu Player (foo_gep) by kode54
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and probably;y a few others i can't seem recall at this point....

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Game Emu Player (foo_gep) by kode54
Reply #257
I've uploaded the Highly Theoretical DSF component (SSF support left out) here. Beware of bugs.

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Game Emu Player (foo_gep) by kode54
Reply #258
Panzer Dragoon Zwei and Saga
Phenomenal soundtracks, whose relative complexity and futuristic–exotic nature could make for quite good tests of emulation accuracy, I imagine. Having said that, I think Audio Overload handles them fairly well. I’d be more inclined to try it in any depth if I didn’t have the original CDs

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Game Emu Player (foo_gep) by kode54
Reply #259
Ohh    A new Game Music Plugin   

U Da Best Kode54 

one thing i  noticed with
DSF Decoder 2.0.21
is that it hasn't been addedto the
Game Music  and
decoder tags like the others yet o-O

"Tags: decoder, game music"
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Game Emu Player (foo_gep) by kode54
Reply #260
Tagged and bagged. Oh, and I enabled SSF support, since I got FM support and Scorcher's DSP effects working. Of course, the dynamic recompiling DSP kind of breaks some of Scorcher, even if it is quite a lot faster than the interpreter.

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Game Emu Player (foo_gep) by kode54
Reply #261
Bumping to report that I fixed a pretty serious crash in foo_gep when loading info from VGM files.

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Game Emu Player (foo_gep) by kode54
Reply #262
TY Kode54 for all the effort and work you put into Game Emu Plugins 
it means so much to me to be able to listen to all of the great Game Music

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Game Emu Player (foo_gep) by kode54
Reply #263
And now I've fixed the recompiling DSP issues in foo_input_ht. Rejoice, Scorcher plays correctly now.

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Game Emu Player (foo_gep) by kode54
Reply #264
S.W.E.E.T. more updates
now i just wonder where I could find the Saturn Music files?

if nothing else could I ask do you know of some good search terms for Google?

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Game Emu Player (foo_gep) by kode54
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There's a large collection of both SSF and DSF files in the Saturn Sound Format and Dreamcast Sound Format directories at modland, if you can stand the slow download speeds. That's 563.2MB worth of MINI/SSF files and 1.59GB worth of MINI/DSF files.

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Game Emu Player (foo_gep) by kode54
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There's a large collection of both SSF and DSF files in the Saturn Sound Format and Dreamcast Sound Format directories at modland, if you can stand the slow download speeds. That's 563.2MB worth of MINI/SSF files and 1.59GB worth of MINI/DSF files.

WoW Cool Thx I'll check it out 

Saturn game Music here I come   
Shining Force 3 was my Favorite for the Sega Saturn

I've never heard of Modland before is this what you are talking about?
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Game Emu Player (foo_gep) by kode54
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Tagged and bagged. Oh, and I enabled SSF support, since I got FM support and Scorcher's DSP effects working. Of course, the dynamic recompiling DSP kind of breaks some of Scorcher, even if it is quite a lot faster than the interpreter.

Tried looking at Musashi for interpreter?

Also, RAZE for QSF.

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Game Emu Player (foo_gep) by kode54
Reply #268
It already has an interpreter that works, and now the recompiler works correctly as well.

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Game Emu Player (foo_gep) by kode54
Reply #269
Main reason I ask is: Musashi seems to be heavily roadtested in tons of emulators including Genesis Plus GX, so apparently its a fast interpreter....

But then again, if the dynamic recompiler is super accurate, meh to that I guess.

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Game Emu Player (foo_gep) by kode54
Reply #270
It's not a dynamic recompiling CPU. It's a dynamic recompiling DSP, for reverb and such. It's as accurate as the included interpreter.

As for the CPUs, it uses Starscream for the SSF playback, which is a static assembly language interpreter. For DSF files, it uses a C based ARM core that Neill also wrote.

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Game Emu Player (foo_gep) by kode54
Reply #271
I found this place that has Sega Saturn Music in Archive file  (and files hosted at modland too )

I wanted to share my Enthusiasm

Game Emu Player (foo_gep) by kode54
Reply #272
Wow, just rechecked my plugin for updates. I just noticed that I'm 9 updates behind! I went to try to convert some of my vgms to mp3 with lame 3.98.4 and foobar crashes. I have dsp enabled if that is relevant.

Thanks for updating the plugin so often and adding so many more chips in the last two months.

Code: [Select]
Illegal operation:
Code: C0000005h, flags: 00000000h, address: 680B9605h
Access violation, operation: read, address: 00000000h

Call path:

Code bytes (680B9605h):
680B95C5h:  E8 83 65 FC 00 85 C0 74 0C E8 67 4C 01 00 8B F0
680B95D5h:  89 45 E8 EB 05 33 F6 89 75 E8 83 4D FC FF 89 37
680B95E5h:  6A 00 89 75 EC C6 86 90 01 00 00 01 E8 D6 31 00
680B95F5h:  00 FF 75 10 C7 45 FC 01 00 00 00 8D 5F 3C 8B 0B
680B9605h:  8B 01 6A 00 6A 00 FF 50 18 8B 4D 10 53 8D 45 B8
680B9615h:  50 E8 42 59 00 00 C6 45 FC 02 DD 47 60 DD 9E 60
680B9625h:  01 00 00 FF 77 08 8B DE E8 95 99 00 00 8B D8 85
680B9635h:  DB 74 2B 53 E8 72 20 04 00 59 8D 45 0C 50 8D 4D

Stack (0BA6F528h):
0BA6F508h:  00000000 00000004 FFFFFD34 000002E4
0BA6F518h:  FFFFFD34 000002CC 00000018 00000000
0BA6F528h:  029A93D4 0BA6FBF8 00000000 00000000
0BA6F538h:  0BA6F5B4 6C3F9917 029A0000 00000000
0BA6F548h:  00000055 00000000 0BA6FC00 00000055
0BA6F558h:  0BA6F578 091A0048 091A0048 00C0F5D8
0BA6F568h:  091A0048 091A0048 0BA6F52C 0BA6F5A8
0BA6F578h:  68113AAC 00000001 0BA6F5B4 680BA07E
0BA6F588h:  03DE7098 00000003 029A93D4 6C3EE7CC
0BA6F598h:  00000000 00000003 029A93D4 0000001D
0BA6F5A8h:  0BA6FDF0 6C40E589 00000000 0BA6F5D8
0BA6F5B8h:  6C3C2632 0BA6FBF8 00000000 00000003
0BA6F5C8h:  029A93D4 029A92A0 029ADB4C 0BA6F5C8
0BA6F5D8h:  0BA6FDFC 6C3C557C 00000000 00000001
0BA6F5E8h:  0BA6F8D4 029A93D4 00000000 029A92A0
0BA6F5F8h:  029A9B70 00B60000 00000000 00000000
0BA6F608h:  0BA6F948 00000018 77C543F7 0BA6F7B0
0BA6F618h:  00C544C4 00000000 00B619F8 00B61A98
0BA6F628h:  00200000 0BA6F7DC 0BA6F7E0 0BA6F7BC
0BA6F638h:  00000020 00000020 00B619F8 00000000

EAX: 0BA6F574, EBX: 03DE70D4, ECX: 00000000, EDX: 00000000
ESI: 091A0048, EDI: 03DE7098, EBP: 0BA6F580, ESP: 0BA6F528

Crash location:
Module: foo_gep
Offset: 9605h

Loaded modules:
foobar2000                      loaded at 01090000h - 01249000h
ntdll                            loaded at 77C30000h - 77D97000h
KERNEL32                        loaded at 75ED0000h - 75FC8000h
KERNELBASE                      loaded at 75560000h - 7561D000h
COMCTL32                        loaded at 73AE0000h - 73CD7000h
DSOUND                          loaded at 6F6B0000h - 6F734000h
SHLWAPI                          loaded at 77BF0000h - 77C30000h
UxTheme                          loaded at 74460000h - 74507000h
USER32                          loaded at 75880000h - 759A1000h
GDI32                            loaded at 75C70000h - 75D7A000h
ADVAPI32                        loaded at 76840000h - 768EE000h
SHELL32                          loaded at 76B20000h - 77BE5000h
ole32                            loaded at 75B50000h - 75C69000h
zlib1                            loaded at 5A4C0000h - 5A4D4000h
shared                          loaded at 72EA0000h - 72ECB000h
gdiplus                          loaded at 760D0000h - 76233000h
Secur32                          loaded at 6EC10000h - 6EC19000h
CRYPT32                          loaded at 75340000h - 754C8000h
WINHTTP                          loaded at 6E930000h - 6E9B3000h
msvcrt                          loaded at 75D80000h - 75E31000h
WINMM                            loaded at 71430000h - 71451000h
POWRPROF                        loaded at 75230000h - 7526F000h
sechost                          loaded at 765D0000h - 76604000h
RPCRT4                          loaded at 75FD0000h - 760A2000h
combase                          loaded at 759B0000h - 75AE6000h
imagehlp                        loaded at 760B0000h - 760C2000h
dbghelp                          loaded at 71460000h - 71589000h
COMDLG32                        loaded at 75E40000h - 75EC9000h
MSASN1                          loaded at 75300000h - 75312000h
WINMMBASE                        loaded at 71400000h - 7142A000h
SHCORE                          loaded at 768F0000h - 76965000h
SSPICLI                          loaded at 75080000h - 750A3000h
IMM32                            loaded at 76470000h - 7649B000h
MSCTF                            loaded at 764A0000h - 7657C000h
CRYPTBASE                        loaded at 75110000h - 75119000h
bcryptPrimitives                loaded at 750B0000h - 75101000h
dwmapi                          loaded at 73CE0000h - 73CF9000h
foo_channel_mixer                loaded at 6DCA0000h - 6DCDF000h
foo_input_viogsf                loaded at 6D950000h - 6D984000h
foo_dsp_std                      loaded at 6D900000h - 6D948000h
foo_xm                          loaded at 6D8A0000h - 6D8F4000h
WININET                          loaded at 76250000h - 76409000h
iertutil                        loaded at 76610000h - 767AB000h
foo_fileops                      loaded at 6D850000h - 6D897000h
foo_input_vgmstream              loaded at 6D7B0000h - 6D849000h
libvorbis                        loaded at 6D770000h - 6D7AE000h
libmpg123-0                      loaded at 6D720000h - 6D761000h
libg7221_decode                  loaded at 70030000h - 70055000h
foo_input_ym                    loaded at 10000000h - 1002A000h
foo_dsp_dolbyhp                  loaded at 6F8B0000h - 6F8D4000h
VERSION                          loaded at 72A30000h - 72A38000h
foo_converter                    loaded at 6C3C0000h - 6C43C000h
foo_uie_wsh_panel_mod            loaded at 6BD40000h - 6BDEC000h
OLEAUT32                        loaded at 767B0000h - 7683B000h
Msimg32                          loaded at 737B0000h - 737B6000h
foo_input_vio2sf                loaded at 01E50000h - 01E8B000h
foo_rgscan                      loaded at 6CC30000h - 6CC7B000h
foo_out_asio                    loaded at 01EF0000h - 01F22000h
foo_infospect                    loaded at 01F60000h - 01F97000h
foo_ui_std                      loaded at 6BC50000h - 6BD35000h
foo_game                        loaded at 6C810000h - 6C842000h
MSVCP90                          loaded at 6AF50000h - 6AFDE000h
MSVCR90                          loaded at 69840000h - 698E3000h
foo_dsp_tube                    loaded at 01FB0000h - 01FD6000h
foo_input_tfmx                  loaded at 6DE80000h - 6DEA7000h
foo_out_wasapi                  loaded at 02230000h - 02256000h
foo_playlisthistory              loaded at 02270000h - 0229F000h
foo_psf                          loaded at 6AE80000h - 6AF4B000h
foo_midi                        loaded at 6A560000h - 6A63F000h
BASS                            loaded at 11000000h - 11063000h
BASSMIDI                        loaded at 10600000h - 1061B000h
MSACM32                          loaded at 6E1A0000h - 6E1B4000h
foo_freedb2                      loaded at 6C470000h - 6C4B0000h
foo_lnk                          loaded at 728A0000h - 728BA000h
foo_benchmark                    loaded at 02330000h - 0235D000h
foo_httpcontrol                  loaded at 6BEA0000h - 6BF0D000h
WS2_32                          loaded at 76580000h - 765D0000h
WSOCK32                          loaded at 713B0000h - 713B8000h
MPR                              loaded at 715B0000h - 715C3000h
NSI                              loaded at 76240000h - 76248000h
foo_unpack                      loaded at 6DC70000h - 6DC9F000h
foo_uie_lyrics2                  loaded at 02840000h - 028B6000h
foo_r128norm                    loaded at 6CFA0000h - 6CFC6000h
foo_uie_vis_channel_spectrum    loaded at 02910000h - 0294D000h
foo_dsp_prvb                    loaded at 028D0000h - 028FB000h
foo_dop                          loaded at 030C0000h - 0327F000h
SETUPAPI                        loaded at 76970000h - 76B1F000h
QUARTZ                          loaded at 69050000h - 691D2000h
USP10                            loaded at 71310000h - 71324000h
CFGMGR32                        loaded at 75670000h - 756B6000h
DEVOBJ                          loaded at 75320000h - 7533E000h
foo_bluetooth_ctrl              loaded at 029B0000h - 029DA000h
foo_uie_esplaylist              loaded at 6B500000h - 6B56A000h
foo_vis_shpeck                  loaded at 6BF70000h - 6BFB1000h
foo_upnp                        loaded at 684E0000h - 68698000h
IPHLPAPI                        loaded at 71930000h - 71952000h
WINNSI                          loaded at 72D60000h - 72D68000h
foo_playcount                    loaded at 6BC10000h - 6BC4E000h
foo_podcatcher                  loaded at 02BA0000h - 02C76000h
foo_input_qsf                    loaded at 6B7F0000h - 6B83B000h
foo_hdcd                        loaded at 6B460000h - 6B4A1000h
foo_unpack_unix                  loaded at 6B770000h - 6B791000h
foo_cdda                        loaded at 6AE30000h - 6AE7E000h
foo_AdvancedControls            loaded at 6ADD0000h - 6AE24000h
foo_uie_biography                loaded at 6AB40000h - 6AB96000h
foo_joystick_control            loaded at 02D50000h - 02DA6000h
DINPUT8                          loaded at 6ABC0000h - 6ABF0000h
foo_dsp_effect                  loaded at 02DB0000h - 02DE7000h
foo_softplaylists                loaded at 6A4F0000h - 6A558000h
foo_unpack_7z                    loaded at 6AB10000h - 6AB3D000h
foo_dsp_crossfeed                loaded at 6A4C0000h - 6A4E4000h
foo_dumb                        loaded at 6A030000h - 6A0A6000h
foo_uie_panel_splitter          loaded at 02F40000h - 02F99000h
foo_input_dvda                  loaded at 69DD0000h - 69E2B000h
foo_sid                          loaded at 69900000h - 6997B000h
foo_input_usf                    loaded at 68460000h - 684DF000h
foo_ui_columns                  loaded at 03A80000h - 03C0B000h
foo_vst                          loaded at 68FF0000h - 69044000h
foo_input_adplug                loaded at 683E0000h - 68460000h
foo_albumlist                    loaded at 68380000h - 683DC000h
foo_adpcm                        loaded at 68200000h - 68255000h
foo_gep                          loaded at 680B0000h - 681F8000h
foo_input_dts                    loaded at 67180000h - 671E3000h
foo_vorbisstream                loaded at 66EA0000h - 67070000h
WINSPOOL                        loaded at 6EC20000h - 6EC80000h
foo_input_std                    loaded at 66D40000h - 66E9F000h
foo_wave_seekbar                loaded at 66BB0000h - 66D3C000h
foo_uie_elplaylist              loaded at 66A80000h - 66AF3000h
foo_dsp_fsurround_beta          loaded at 03990000h - 03A64000h
clbcatq                          loaded at 756C0000h - 75734000h
MMDevApi                        loaded at 739C0000h - 73A0D000h
AUDIOSES                        loaded at 6EA10000h - 6EA64000h
frontend_direct2d                loaded at 67120000h - 67176000h
d2d1                            loaded at 6B8C0000h - 6BBE7000h
mswsock                          loaded at 74C30000h - 74C7A000h
WINTRUST                        loaded at 75620000h - 75663000h
HID                              loaded at 74770000h - 7477A000h
dhcpcsvc                        loaded at 70380000h - 70392000h
WindowsCodecs                    loaded at 71DD0000h - 71F16000h
avrt                            loaded at 72D90000h - 72D98000h
propsys                          loaded at 71B30000h - 71C49000h
apphelp                          loaded at 6FCD0000h - 6FD77000h
dlnashext                        loaded at 68260000h - 682C5000h
Windows.Media.Streaming          loaded at 60370000h - 60468000h
XmlLite                          loaded at 71C50000h - 71C85000h
CRYPTSP                          loaded at 74C80000h - 74C9A000h
rsaenh                          loaded at 749A0000h - 749DE000h
DevDispItemProvider              loaded at 73940000h - 7394C000h
dhcpcsvc6                        loaded at 6FFF0000h - 70000000h
actxprxy                        loaded at 70090000h - 7014C000h
profapi                          loaded at 75280000h - 75291000h
netprofm                        loaded at 71650000h - 7166F000h
npmproxy                        loaded at 6E5C0000h - 6E5C9000h
wpdshext                        loaded at 66830000h - 66A0C000h
shdocvw                          loaded at 73030000h - 73063000h
explorerframe                    loaded at 69510000h - 69778000h
DUser                            loaded at 73A50000h - 73ADF000h
DUI70                            loaded at 73D30000h - 73E8C000h
Windows.Globalization            loaded at 6C4B0000h - 6C547000h
Bcp47Langs                      loaded at 73970000h - 739BF000h
tiptsf                          loaded at 6DEB0000h - 6DF19000h
StructuredQuery                  loaded at 5FBF0000h - 5FC5A000h
thumbcache                      loaded at 72F70000h - 72F9A000h
oleacc                          loaded at 73440000h - 73490000h
NetworkExplorer                  loaded at 6A310000h - 6A4A8000h
drprov                          loaded at 6A300000h - 6A308000h
WINSTA                          loaded at 751D0000h - 7520E000h
ntlanman                        loaded at 6A2F0000h - 6A2FF000h
davclnt                          loaded at 6A2D0000h - 6A2E9000h
DAVHLPR                          loaded at 6A2C0000h - 6A2C9000h
wkscli                          loaded at 72CC0000h - 72CD0000h
cscapi                          loaded at 6DE30000h - 6DE3E000h
netutils                        loaded at 747F0000h - 747FB000h
LINKINFO                        loaded at 6A4B0000h - 6A4B9000h
twinapi                          loaded at 70FF0000h - 71071000h
EhStorShell                      loaded at 707C0000h - 707F1000h
cscui                            loaded at 6FAF0000h - 6FB75000h
CSCDLL                          loaded at 723A0000h - 723A9000h
PortableDeviceApi                loaded at 6E0F0000h - 6E16A000h
EhStorAPI                        loaded at 68080000h - 680A1000h
WTSAPI32                        loaded at 751C0000h - 751CE000h
ntshrui                          loaded at 6A210000h - 6A2BB000h
srvcli                          loaded at 75010000h - 7502C000h
urlmon                          loaded at 75750000h - 7586E000h

Stack dump analysis:
Address: 6C3F9917h (foo_converter+39917h), symbol: "foobar2000_get_interface" (+B5E7h)
Address: 68113AACh (foo_gep+63AACh), symbol: "foobar2000_get_interface" (+197FCh)
Address: 680BA07Eh (foo_gep+A07Eh)
Address: 6C3EE7CCh (foo_converter+2E7CCh), symbol: "foobar2000_get_interface" (+49Ch)
Address: 6C40E589h (foo_converter+4E589h), symbol: "foobar2000_get_interface" (+20259h)
Address: 6C3C2632h (foo_converter+2632h)
Address: 6C3C557Ch (foo_converter+557Ch)
Address: 77C543F7h (ntdll+243F7h), symbol: "LdrGetDllHandleEx" (+3C5h)
Address: 77C5358Bh (ntdll+2358Bh), symbol: "RtlHashUnicodeString" (+1A3h)
Address: 77C535A8h (ntdll+235A8h), symbol: "RtlHashUnicodeString" (+1C0h)
Address: 77C300D8h (ntdll+D8h)
Address: 77C300D8h (ntdll+D8h)
Address: 77C492F8h (ntdll+192F8h), symbol: "RtlImageDirectoryEntryToData" (+1Bh)
Address: 77C30000h (ntdll+0h)
Address: 77C54241h (ntdll+24241h), symbol: "LdrGetDllHandleEx" (+20Fh)
Address: 77C54270h (ntdll+24270h), symbol: "LdrGetDllHandleEx" (+23Eh)
Address: 6715C170h (frontend_direct2d+3C170h), symbol: "g_seekbar_frontend_entrypoint" (+7490h)
Address: 6715C170h (frontend_direct2d+3C170h), symbol: "g_seekbar_frontend_entrypoint" (+7490h)
Address: 75FA9AB6h (KERNEL32+D9AB6h), symbol: "DecodePointer" (+6h)
Address: 77C6865Ch (ntdll+3865Ch), symbol: "RtlGetCurrentPeb" (+11FBh)
Address: 77D2EB18h (ntdll+FEB18h), symbol: "RtlpFreezeTimeBias" (+30h)
Address: 039FB2A4h (foo_dsp_fsurround_beta+6B2A4h), symbol: "boost::serialization::singleton<std::set<boost::serialization::void_cast_detail::void_caster const *,boost:" (+223F4h)
Address: 77C52C7Ch (ntdll+22C7Ch), symbol: "LdrGetProcedureAddressForCaller" (+3D8h)
Address: 039FB2A4h (foo_dsp_fsurround_beta+6B2A4h), symbol: "boost::serialization::singleton<std::set<boost::serialization::void_cast_detail::void_caster const *,boost:" (+223F4h)
Address: 77C48369h (ntdll+18369h), symbol: "RtlGetNtGlobalFlags" (+6Ch)
Address: 75F9F720h (KERNEL32+CF720h), symbol: "SetStateVersion" (+126D9h)
Address: 039BA83Ah (foo_dsp_fsurround_beta+2A83Ah), symbol: "foobar2000_get_interface" (+1217Ah)
Address: 75FA0FACh (KERNEL32+D0FACh), symbol: "SetStateVersion" (+13F65h)
Address: 75FA9AB0h (KERNEL32+D9AB0h), symbol: "DecodePointer" (+0h)
Address: 75F9DE6Ch (KERNEL32+CDE6Ch), symbol: "SetStateVersion" (+10E25h)
Address: 6C41EF98h (foo_converter+5EF98h), symbol: "foobar2000_get_interface" (+30C68h)
Address: 75751E81h (urlmon+1E81h), symbol: "Ordinal317" (+1E81h)
Address: 77C6683Fh (ntdll+3683Fh), symbol: "LdrInitializeThunk" (+F1h)
Address: 77C66A24h (ntdll+36A24h), symbol: "RtlInitializeExceptionChain" (+10Bh)
Address: 77D2D34Ch (ntdll+FD34Ch), symbol: "RtlAllocateMemoryZone" (+528Eh)
Address: 77D05BB9h (ntdll+D5BB9h), symbol: "wcstombs" (+85h)
Address: 77C444AAh (ntdll+144AAh), symbol: "ZwTestAlert" (+Ah)
Address: 77C30000h (ntdll+0h)
Address: 77C30000h (ntdll+0h)
Address: 77D05BB9h (ntdll+D5BB9h), symbol: "wcstombs" (+85h)
Address: 77C66790h (ntdll+36790h), symbol: "LdrInitializeThunk" (+42h)
Address: 77C45E36h (ntdll+15E36h), symbol: "ZwContinue" (+Ah)
Address: 77C66768h (ntdll+36768h), symbol: "LdrInitializeThunk" (+1Ah)
Address: 6C41A87Ch (foo_converter+5A87Ch), symbol: "foobar2000_get_interface" (+2C54Ch)
Address: 6C3FB4C0h (foo_converter+3B4C0h), symbol: "foobar2000_get_interface" (+D190h)
Address: 77C46938h (ntdll+16938h), symbol: "RtlUserThreadStart" (+0h)
Address: 77C48311h (ntdll+18311h), symbol: "RtlGetNtGlobalFlags" (+14h)
Address: 77C47367h (ntdll+17367h), symbol: "alloca_probe" (+4FFh)
Address: 77C33C18h (ntdll+3C18h), symbol: "RtlFreeHeap" (+306h)
Address: 01200380h (foobar2000+170380h)
Address: 77D05BB9h (ntdll+D5BB9h), symbol: "wcstombs" (+85h)
Address: 77C33C18h (ntdll+3C18h), symbol: "RtlFreeHeap" (+306h)
Address: 77C339ABh (ntdll+39ABh), symbol: "RtlFreeHeap" (+99h)
Address: 01200380h (foobar2000+170380h)
Address: 6C41170Fh (foo_converter+5170Fh), symbol: "foobar2000_get_interface" (+233DFh)
Address: 6C3C3945h (foo_converter+3945h)
Address: 0109001Fh (foobar2000+1Fh)
Address: 6C4117ACh (foo_converter+517ACh), symbol: "foobar2000_get_interface" (+2347Ch)
Address: 6C3FB49Ah (foo_converter+3B49Ah), symbol: "foobar2000_get_interface" (+D16Ah)
Address: 6C3FE8B0h (foo_converter+3E8B0h), symbol: "foobar2000_get_interface" (+10580h)
Address: 6C3FB524h (foo_converter+3B524h), symbol: "foobar2000_get_interface" (+D1F4h)
Address: 75ED1866h (KERNEL32+1866h), symbol: "BaseThreadInitThunk" (+12h)
Address: 77C668F1h (ntdll+368F1h), symbol: "LdrInitializeThunk" (+1A3h)
Address: 755F1B96h (KERNELBASE+91B96h), symbol: "UnhandledExceptionFilter" (+0h)
Address: 77D05BB9h (ntdll+D5BB9h), symbol: "wcstombs" (+85h)
Address: 77C6689Dh (ntdll+3689Dh), symbol: "LdrInitializeThunk" (+14Fh)
Address: 77CF5AE2h (ntdll+C5AE2h), symbol: "RtlInitializeContext" (+120h)
Address: 6C3FB4C0h (foo_converter+3B4C0h), symbol: "foobar2000_get_interface" (+D190h)

App: foobar2000 v1.1.13
UI: Default User Interface 0.9.5

Core (2012-06-07 18:37:46 UTC)
   foobar2000 core 1.1.13
foo_adpcm.dll (2012-02-22 19:13:48 UTC)
   kode's ADPCM decoders 1.10
foo_AdvancedControls.dll (2011-11-18 15:42:28 UTC)
   Foobar2000 Advanced Controls
foo_albumlist.dll (2012-06-07 18:36:18 UTC)
   Album List 4.5
foo_benchmark.dll (2011-05-01 03:24:04 UTC)
   Decoding Speed Test 1.1
foo_bluetooth_ctrl.dll (2012-04-03 02:53:54 UTC)
   Bluetooth Remote Control 1.1
foo_cdda.dll (2012-06-07 18:36:12 UTC)
   CD Audio Decoder 3.0
foo_channel_mixer.dll (2011-06-01 17:18:00 UTC)
   Channel Mixer
foo_converter.dll (2012-06-07 18:35:52 UTC)
   Converter 1.5
foo_dop.dll (2010-11-24 18:50:46 UTC)
   iPod manager
foo_dsp_crossfeed.dll (2012-04-03 02:41:23 UTC)
   Crossfeed 1.1.1
foo_dsp_dolbyhp.dll (2011-05-01 03:22:42 UTC)
   Dolby Headphone Wrapper 1.4.1
foo_dsp_effect.dll (2012-06-28 13:30:29 UTC)
   Effect DSP 0.11
foo_dsp_fsurround_beta.dll (2012-04-03 02:33:51 UTC)
   FreeSurround 0.8.1
foo_dsp_prvb.dll (2011-05-01 03:22:24 UTC)
   Programmable reverb DSP 1.2
foo_dsp_std.dll (2012-06-07 18:36:20 UTC)
   Standard DSP Array 1.0
foo_dsp_tube.dll (2007-02-06 23:17:55 UTC)
   Tube Sound 0.8
foo_dumb.dll (2012-08-19 03:41:03 UTC)
   DUMB module decoder
foo_fileops.dll (2012-06-07 18:35:14 UTC)
   File Operations 2.1.3
foo_freedb2.dll (2012-06-07 18:36:30 UTC)
   freedb Tagger 0.6.4
foo_game.dll (2011-05-11 01:35:24 UTC)
   Game Audio Decoder 1.10
foo_gep.dll (2012-08-23 13:31:18 UTC)
   Game Emu Player 1.146
foo_hdcd.dll (2012-07-20 01:50:53 UTC)
   HDCD decoder 1.15
foo_httpcontrol.dll (2011-08-15 01:01:08 UTC)
   HTTP Control 0.97.12
foo_infospect.dll (2011-05-01 03:24:22 UTC)
   Infospect 1.0.3
foo_input_adplug.dll (2012-02-22 19:13:47 UTC)
   AdPlug 1.40
foo_input_dts.dll (2011-05-01 03:21:49 UTC)
   DTS decoder 0.3.0
foo_input_dvda.dll (2012-04-03 01:21:33 UTC)
   DVD-Audio Decoder and Watermark Detector 0.4.11
foo_input_qsf.dll (2012-02-22 19:13:48 UTC)
   Highly Quixotic 2.0.20
foo_input_std.dll (2012-06-07 18:35:58 UTC)
   Standard Input Array 1.0
foo_input_tfmx.dll (2012-02-22 19:13:48 UTC)
   TFMX decoder 0.9
foo_input_usf.dll (2012-02-22 19:13:48 UTC)
   LazyUSF 2.1 (Build Jun 26 2011)
foo_input_vgmstream.dll (2012-08-10 20:36:06 UTC)
   vgmstream plugin r982
foo_input_vio2sf.dll (2010-12-18 23:13:13 UTC)
   2SF decoder / DeSmuME v0.8.0 0.22
foo_input_viogsf.dll (2011-05-01 03:00:03 UTC)
   GSF decoder / VBA-M r956 0.08
foo_input_ym.dll (2011-05-01 03:10:27 UTC)
   YM Decoder 0.3
foo_joystick_control.dll (2012-04-03 23:03:32 UTC)
   Joystick Control 0.2.0 beta-1
foo_lnk.dll (2010-12-18 23:25:24 UTC)
   Shell Link Resolver 1.3.1
foo_midi.dll (2012-08-10 20:36:06 UTC)
   MIDI synthesizer host 1.167
foo_out_asio.dll (2012-06-28 13:30:29 UTC)
   ASIO support 2.1.2
foo_out_wasapi.dll (2011-05-01 03:07:42 UTC)
   WASAPI output support 2.1
foo_playcount.dll (2012-02-22 19:13:48 UTC)
   Playback Statistics 3.0.2
foo_playlisthistory.dll (2012-02-22 19:13:48 UTC)
   Playlist History 0.1.6
foo_podcatcher.dll (2011-05-01 03:25:42 UTC)
   Podcatcher 0.2.5 (beta, Mar 12 2011)
foo_psf.dll (2012-08-16 07:01:11 UTC)
   Highly Experimental 2.0.27
foo_r128norm.dll (2012-02-22 19:13:48 UTC)
   EBU R128 Normalizer 1.11
foo_rgscan.dll (2012-06-07 18:35:56 UTC)
   ReplayGain Scanner 2.1.2
foo_sid.dll (2012-02-22 19:13:48 UTC)
   sidplay2 1.27
foo_softplaylists.dll (2011-05-01 03:19:16 UTC)
   Soft Playlists 2011-02-05
foo_ui_columns.dll (2010-03-20 23:43:13 UTC)
   Columns UI
foo_ui_std.dll (2012-06-07 18:36:16 UTC)
   Default User Interface 0.9.5
foo_uie_biography.dll (2010-04-30 15:49:24 UTC)
   Biography View
foo_uie_elplaylist.dll (2012-04-03 23:10:16 UTC)
foo_uie_esplaylist.dll (2012-04-03 23:12:39 UTC)
foo_uie_lyrics2.dll (2009-12-22 17:12:56 UTC)
   Lyric Show Panel 2 0.4.4
foo_uie_panel_splitter.dll (2009-12-09 16:16:12 UTC)
   Panel Stack Splitter
foo_uie_vis_channel_spectrum.dll (2008-05-17 19:02:12 UTC)
   Channel Spectrum panel 0.17.2
foo_uie_wsh_panel_mod.dll (2010-02-28 02:59:14 UTC)
   WSH Panel Mod 1.3.2
foo_unpack.dll (2012-06-07 18:35:28 UTC)
   ZIP/GZIP/RAR Reader 1.6
foo_unpack_7z.dll (2012-02-22 19:13:47 UTC)
   7-Zip reader 1.8
foo_unpack_unix.dll (2012-02-22 19:13:49 UTC)
   Unix archive reader 1.8
foo_upnp.dll (2012-06-28 13:30:30 UTC)
   UPnP/DLNA Renderer, Server, Control Point 0.99.40
foo_vis_shpeck.dll (2012-04-03 23:02:52 UTC)
   Shpeck - Winamp vis plugins wrapper 0.3.7
foo_vorbisstream.dll (2011-05-01 03:23:43 UTC)
   Vorbis Streamer 1.1
foo_vst.dll (2011-05-01 05:34:43 UTC)
   VST 2.4 adapter
foo_wave_seekbar.dll (2012-07-20 01:55:20 UTC)
   Waveform seekbar 0.2.27
foo_xm.dll (2012-04-03 02:35:12 UTC)
   XM Radio Online Player 1.3.0b2

Recent events:
Connecting to serial port COM4
ERROR : Could not connect!
foo_upnp: succesfully loaded file D:\Users\Trevor\Music\Music\foobar2000\foo_upnp.xml
foo_upnp: initialized in 0.047s
Startup time : 0:01.170300
foo_upnp: created 12013 path registry entries in 0.530s
Opening track for playback: "D:\Users\Trevor\Music\Music\foobar2000\CHIPTUNES\remix\22.vgz"
foo_upnp: loaded Media Library tree in 5.413s
Disconnecting from server...

Machine specifications:
OS: Windows 6.2.9200 x86 (Yes, I'm running Windows 8 RTM....)
CPU: AMD Turion™ X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-72, features: 3DNow!ex MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3
Audio: Speakers (High Definition Audio Device)

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Game Emu Player (foo_gep) by kode54
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Fixed, sorry about that.

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Game Emu Player (foo_gep) by kode54
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