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New plugin: foo_publishtags.dll

This plugin calls external applications when a new track is played, and passes them a tagz formatted string (of the file played back). I call this "publishing". (Optionally also a fixed string inbetween)

download foo_publishtags.dll

This works with scripts (Ruby ^-^)  too.
It is very straightforward to use and well documented within.  Set it up before first use (components>PublishTags)

It executes the external program minimzed and keeps Focus on current app.

  Tell me what you think.

Compiled and tested with 0.8.3 SDK.

Great thanks go to foosion and musicmusic. 


New plugin: foo_publishtags.dll

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I'm already sending my tags to an application using the amip wrapper for foobar, is there any advantage of using this plugin instead?

New plugin: foo_publishtags.dll

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I dont understand :-/ what for this plugin ?
how this plugin work with start>run ? :-/

PS: kill some bug: when song over then your plugin open fb2k dir
WBR,  Vitaliy I. Bogdanets
Foobar2000 - The way it's meant to be played

New plugin: foo_publishtags.dll

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Opening folder "C:\program files\foobar2000" on new song:
this is normal behaviour. If a new song is played, it executes a command. IF you install the plugin, there is no entrance. It then executes an empty command, which means to Windows "open the folder of the calling App"- which is Foobar in this case.

I'll fix it up, so that emtpy commands don't get executed anymore. (Doesn't make much sense ^-^)

To use this plugin, please
* open your Foobar preferences and locate Components>PublishTags
* click on "Browse" and look for the program / script / whatever you want to be "opened" on a new song playback. You can also just type in the program in the text box (use absolute path)
* The two text fields at the bottom define what gets passed to the application. They are joined together, first the upper field and then the down field. If you don't provide a space at the end of the other field there will be no spaces in between.
* The field at the bottom executes as tagz stuff. I.e. your playlist is formatted using tagz. That is, this field gets parsed by Foobar and is not send as it stands there, but the contents are replaced by the correct things. e.g. %artist% becomes Metallica if you play a song by Metallica.

What you could do with this plugin, is publish information about say the artist when foobar starts to playback the new track and with the external program, via command line make foobar skip the songs you don't want to hear depending on the artist. Say, metallica should be skipped.

Code: [Select]
if ($_ == "Metallica")  then 
syscall("foobar2000.exe /skip")

Of course this code does not work, its just for illustration purposes.   
I use a script
to skip songs which contain PLAYBACKCONTROL = SKIPALL tag  (like ARTIST = Metallica). The PublishTags is set up (assuming the script is in C:\)
Code: [Select]
* C:\skip.rb
* (empty)
* %playbackcontrol%

For this script to work you have to get Ruby! Else it will probably just ask you what to open it with.

I didn't know there was a plugin already available. Could you please post a link? If I look at it, I can tell you the differences...

Running of to fix the bug