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so when to work on new presets?
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haha, there goes the purpose of ubernet (maybe).. they use alt-preset standard as if their life kinda depends on it you know.. so they are going to have to change the "uberstandard" and all that..

while we are at the topic of switches.. what is the best non-preset switch to use that will compare very well with cd quality, for the highest percentage of CD's? someone recommended this:

-V 2 --vbr-new -q 0 --lowpass 19.7 --cwlimit 10.7 --scale 0.99 -b 96 --athaa-sensitivity 1

any other suggestions would be appreciated. =)

btw im using 3.96.1 stable right now
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I know where that line came from. It's hilarious. Well, at least the dolts who thought it up tell people that it's *just what they think sounds best*.

You see, the one thing which shows better than anything else how little these guys know about writing commandlines is the "--lowpass 19.7"
Lame only lowpasses in increments of 0.5kHz, so telling it to lowpass at 19.7 kHz is nonsense. You ought to tell it to lowpass at 19.5kHz or 20kHz, to be certain that it's doing what it ought to be.

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so when to work on new presets?
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I'd like to know where does this come from...

An interesting parameter is cwlimit, which simply does nothing since 3.94

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so when to work on new presets?
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Why does this thread exist? There's nothing here that is helping anybody.