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Great Setting For Very Low-Bitrate MP3 Music

--alt-preset 51 -mm --resample 32 --lowpass 15.7

Hi all. Just wanted to ask for your opinions on this setting for cd transparent music. Oh, all right. I'm kidding. I guess I should be careful about giving such M$-esque statements.

I really use this setting for my portable MP3 player. Well, I actually have 3 different portables, 2 using solid-state memory and 1 being hard-drive based. I've tried many Lame settings over the past couple years for portable music up to and including APS, and I tend to use this setting after realizing that portables are generally not used in settings suitable for high quality sound reproduction. So I've tried different settings to find one that is tuned for decent-sounding portable music in less than ideal listening environments. This one is suitable for memory-based portables, naturally.

Anyway, try this setting out. It tends to achieve a nominal bitrate of 48Kbps. You might be surprised at how great and, in my opinion, better it sounds compared to 48 and 64Kbps WMAv8, for example. Of course, it cheats by using mono - but at bitrates at or below 64, my opinion is that MP3's cannot currently hold up well in any stereo mode.