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Alternative icon set

Hi folks,

I've been using fb2k for years, from the good old times when it was :B. At some point enter the martian icon set, well-designed, colorful, and freaking me out. The dude looks demonic and I don't like demons. I know some friends of mine would be freaked out even more. Hence my plea.

Is it possible to include an alternative icon set (that's program, task bar and file icons)? I'll be happy even if it's plain, boring, titled "Politically correct icons for those who can't stand the martian". Doesn't need to be new: something based on the :B design would be great. Making the icon set a part of the skin is an option too.

I just don't feel like manually editing each installation I make...


Alternative icon set

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The correct title for the new icon is the "aliencat". It's just a cat from outer space. Jesus would not disapprove.


Alternative icon set

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I hate the icon too. This is what I use.

Sorry, I have nothing witty to say here.

Alternative icon set

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You wimps. Aliencat rulz!
wavpack 4.8 -b3x6c

Alternative icon set

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You might like this.

(Lifted form the 'new icons' thread; post by Mr_Rabid_Teddybear.)

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