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Current Situation with Itunes and Flac?

Has anyone heard what the current situation is with Itunes being able to play Flac files? I have read alot of posts/articles that talked about the Flac Developers working on flac and quuikctime tio allot flac playback in Itunes but most of these posts were 6+ months old.

Any new news?

Current Situation with Itunes and Flac?

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A working QuickTime FLAC component can be found here:

If Quicktime can play it, it'll likely work in iTunes (for Windows). Doesn't mean it'll be able to send to the iPod or anything though, although transcoding using iTunes would likely work.

Current Situation with Itunes and Flac?

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Any users have expereince using this? Once Flac support is added to the Iriver H320 I am in the clear.

Current Situation with Itunes and Flac?

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Hey now, don't get all excited yet.

I haven't tried it myself and so I'm not sure that it works with iTunes. If you check out the page, he says "Wait for iTunes support" under "To Do", so it might not be working or anything.

Also, this component is for MacOSX only, so no Windows support yet. Although he does have source code there, so you might give it a shot yourself.

Current Situation with Itunes and Flac?

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Many who might have contributed to FLAC in iTunes have jumped on the Apple Lossless bandwagon.

BTW, here is the relevant HA thread: QuickTime FLAC component?
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