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Where can I find 24/96 wav samples ?

Hi !
I'm a bit lost...I try to find some 24/96 wav samples but without success.
Please do you know where I can dl such files ?
Thanks a lot.

Warm regards,

PS: it's for testing purpose with my sound card 

Where can I find 24/96 wav samples ?

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You could create some yourself using DeliPlayer's "StreamRecorder".

I just did a quick test recording of Walker's Warbles (found in High Voltage Sid Collection), subsong 4 into a 24/96 WAV - Audacity frequency analysis shows frequencies up to about 45 kHz.


Deliplayer -
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Where can I find 24/96 wav samples ?

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Thank you iehova !
And for instruments (guitar/piano...) samples ?
I'm curious to hear some differences between 16/44 and 24/96, especially about formants.

Where can I find 24/96 wav samples ?

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Here's some nice guitar samples at 24/96. Although, the files are huge!

Q-Tuner Guitar Pickups

Ooops . . . sorry. Just noticed, those are 32-bit/96khz. 

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