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playlists inside of playlists?
is there a way to have playlists inside of playlists?

right now they have playlists on the left side

so it looks like this

i was wondering... if i can have a tab inside of a playlist

so it would be like

so this way it is better organized and i can quickly find what i am looking for

is this possible?
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  • jkwarras
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playlists inside of playlists?
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The closest thing you can have is the database explorer plugin (look at the musicmusic plugins website), it's an album list mod. If you get the panel version it will go like this:

>Artist>Album--->display tracks on current playlist (called 'Database view' by default).

You can also try the album list panel, it's a tree view style, but you can make it display as you want (Sort by Genre, by Artist, by Custom tags, whatever you want...).

I know, it's not what you're looking for, but it's the closest thing you can find ATM.

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playlists inside of playlists?
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