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How many big_values in region0

While decoding an mp3 file,
given that for a granule,
big_values = 70,
region0_count = 7,
window_switching_flag = 1,
block_type = 1.
part2_3_length = 607
Fs = 44.1KHz

How many frequency lines out of 140(2*big_values) lies in region0.

From my knowledge, it should be 36. because since region0_count = 7, no of scalefactor bands = 8, and the region boundary says 36. But while decoding the huffman codes, the whole part2_3_length is not exactly consumed. I am frequently getting 2-3 extra bits, which does not correspond to any huffman code.

Can anyone advice.
is it possible to have some bits left from part2_3_length, after decoding the huffman codes for a granule?