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foo_looks 2.1 - Download here!
i noticed many people having trouble finding a working mirror for the foo_looks plugin,
and since we don't know where danZ is lately, we can't edit the original URL in the other 28-page thread

so here are all the mirrors we have:

[span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%']foo_looks 2.1[/span]
    [/li][li]Mirror 1 [/li][li]Mirror 2[/li][li]Mirror 3[/li][li]Mirror 4[/li][li]Mirror 5[/li][/list][span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%']...and for the 28-page discussion on usage, skins, and FAQs, please use our existing thread:
    hope this helps,

    [span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%']
    p.s. if anyone else has the capability of hosting the file, please post your mirror as a reply in this thread - thanks[/span]
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    foo_looks 2.1 - Download here!
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    here's mine
    In the same folder are also some skins mirrored.

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    foo_looks 2.1 - Download here!
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    i just uploaded it here
    and i also mirrored the graphite version of foopilot
    oh yeah and here a magnet (i hope it's allowed, sry if not)
    Code: [Select]

    ps. can i please get my own account (on the forums)... i use gmail and it's not allowed here (don't get why... no spammers with gmail)
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