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16-bits + ASIO or 24-bit no ASIO
Well, I have this huge question. I've already tested both "modes" and didn't find any real difference.

I have an Audigy 2 (original, no-ZS) card that is able to output 24-bits. But when using its ASIO drivers it has to be 16-bit. My question is, which one sound better: foobar 24-bits output or 16 with dither and ASIO?

I believe the ASIO solution uses a bit more processor because I also have to resample to 48kHz. But I am willing to use the best mode.

I know some of you would say "if you didn't find any difference stick with 24-bits because it will use less processor time". Yeah, I know. My question is more for knowledge, which solution should give better results?

Thanks a lot guys.
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16-bits + ASIO or 24-bit no ASIO
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