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Help me find the ultimate Digital DJ!
Here is the description of what I believe to be the ultimate jukebox. I would love it if I could get someone to create it for me or send me in the direction of someone who could... or if there is something out that would work... PLEASE E-mail me at DJ-Jay<at>

The Digital DJ Software Description

The Digital DJ is designed for parties where music is essential but a professional DJ is not necessary. It is created for ease of use for all of the guests to use and enjoy.

Party managers will have ultimate control over what music is to-be-played. They will be able to configure the Digital DJ so that it will play the right songs at the right time, or restrict certain songs or genres from being played at all. This is done through smart playlists and timers.

Software Flow/ Organization

The opening screen of the software is divided into three sections – ‘Request A Song’, ‘Now Playing’, and ‘Setup’.

‘Request A Song’ Section
In the ‘Request A Song’ section, users are able to search for a song by Artist, Title, Album, Genre, Playlist, Year, or with a search. Once a song in requested the song will go into the ‘Now Playing’ list.

‘Now Playing’ Section
In the ‘Now Playing’ section, users can see a list of the songs that have been entered into the queue. From here, the party manager can lock the list from being edited, or it could be placed on ‘trust mode’ where users will have the ability to move or delete songs from the queue. The party manager can enable or disable this feature in the ‘Basic Setup’ screen.

‘Setup’ Section
The party manager will have to enter a pass code in order to enter the setup screen. Here is where the power of the Digital DJ is. In the ‘Setup’ mode, the party manager has a list of simple and advanced options where he or she can program the way in which the Digital DJ will work. The options consist of ‘Basic Setup’, ‘Playlist Management’, ‘Timer Management’, and ‘Lock Requests’.

•  In the ‘Basic Setup’ screen the party manager will be able to set preferences for the ‘Request Management’ system. The options include, ‘Allow this number of requests to be made at a time’, ‘Allow a song to be played no more than this many times’, and ‘Allow users to edit the ‘Now Playing’ list – Trust Mode’.

•  The ‘Playlist Management’ screen allows the user set up the playlists to be used within the system. The users can set up options like ‘Only allow songs to be played from this list or lists’, and ‘Play from this list when no request has been made’. The users can also view, create, and remove playlists on the system. The playlists will be made by using smart filters or can be made by scratch. The user can specify the conditions pertaining to the Artist, Title, Album, Genre, or Year or can browse and add files individually.

•  The ‘Timer Management’ system is designed for parties where different music is wanted at different times of the event. Here, party managers have the ability to set the jukebox to play from a particular playlist during a certain time or condition. For example, the user can set the jukebox to play ‘Dinner Music’ from ‘6:00-7:30’, and ‘Disco’ after ‘7:30’; the user can set it to play one song from the ‘Slow Jams’ list every ‘15’ songs; or the user can set it up to play ‘Last Dance’ by ‘Donna Summer’ at 12:00PM. The lists viewed here are gathered from the playlists created in the playlist manager.

•  The ‘Lock Requests’ only allows the party manager (with help of his or her password) to request a song.

On the bottom of all screens is a ‘Make an Announcement’ button. Here the user will be required to enter a password, and can temporarily stop the music and use the microphone.

Thank you for your help!

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Help me find the ultimate Digital DJ!
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JayShoe: you could try  (but iam sure someone will came with some better idea for the correct app.)
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