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'error opening file for playback' message w/ .WMAs
I'm getting an 'ERROR (CORE): error opening file for playback' message with EVERY SINGLE WMA file I have when I attempt to play them in foobar. I'm using foobar v0.8.3 . I just updated to XP Service Pack 2 recently, as well as updated my sound card to a Chaintech AV-710 Sound Card. Foobar plays my MPC and MP3 files perfectly, so what the heck is the deal?!? I'm guessing that it may have something to do with Microsoft's stupid copyright crap. I did a search but found nothing yet. All of my WMA's are created by me using dbpowerAMP and I've had no problems with them in the past. They are not 'protected' and they play fine in Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic, and Winamp 2.91. WHAT IN THE HECK AM I MISSING HERE?!? Thanks for any advice you may have (the problem is probably something simple that I've overlooked, but I haven't found it yet!).

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'error opening file for playback' message w/ .WMAs
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Hmh, are you sure that you installed the wma decoder on your last foobar2000 installation?

In case you haven't it is either included in the special installer, or available by itself on the official download page.

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'error opening file for playback' message w/ .WMAs
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 EWWWWWWWW, now I'm just pissed. You guessed it. I'd been using the special installer version, but apparently I hadn't checked the WMA box (nor did I realize that I had to in order to play WMA files  , kind of stupid that it isn't checked by default like some of the other formats if you ask me). I did look on the site before for a WMA input just in case I was missing something of that nature, but I didn't run across it when I looked before. Anyway, thanks for helping out a moron like me. You can safely lock this thread now, lol.

EDIT: make that REALLY, REALLY STUPID, in my opinion, that WMA isn't checked
by default under a normal install - SPEEX, WavPack, Monkey's Audio, and FLAC are checked by default on a 'NORMAL' install, but not WMA?!? I'm going to go out on a limb and say that .wma audio files are slightly more commonly used than 'speex' files, in particular. How annoying.
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'error opening file for playback' message w/ .WMAs
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Just get special installer from Case's site (it's the best and most updated installer anyways) >> HERE <<
Also, if the necessary codecs aren't on your system already, get the Microsoft redistributional package  >> HERE <<
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