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How to cut a song?
Hi, I've encoded a song using 192 AAC, 192 MP3 (itunes) and 192 MP3 eac/lame. I'd like to upload to ask for opinions on comparing quality, but need to have a safe way of cutting 30 second snippets. Can anyone recommend a good freeware software program to do that?



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How to cut a song?
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*Before* you encode, rip a raw wav file and get Sox. I use the following settings to get a 30 second clip:

sox infile.wav outfile.wav fade p 0 00:00:30.0 00:00:05.0

Then encode outfile.wav using all your different encoders.

Honestly, I doubt you'll hear a difference at 192 kbps with those encoders unless you have golden ears. I can't ABX LAME at 192.