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VorbisGain Suggestion
Hmm.. after trying out VorbisGain, I have a suggestion to make for it..

My suggestion is that VorbisGain.exe should be able to accept a textfile containing a list of the input Ogg files rather than having to add them on the commandline.

Also, for some reason, VorbisGain -a *.ogg doesn't seem to work.. It can't find *.ogg.. But I suspect this is more a problem with my filenames ( they're Asian songs .. )

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VorbisGain Suggestion
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vorbisgain -r -a c:dirwheretheoggsare*.ogg


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VorbisGain Suggestion
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er.. what's -r? Doesn't show up in the documentation...

Nope no such tag is recognised... Does VorbisGain work with spaces in filenames / directories?

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VorbisGain Suggestion
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If you downloaded the VorbisGain software from me at the mirror, I have to confess I screwed the compile!!

However, I have recompiled and just uploaded a fresh version. Sorry for any inconvenience!!
My compiles and utilities are at