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Making a Dolby Digital Audio DVD?
Hello, i'm having a little problem with this, so i wanted to know if anybody could help me.

I got several multichannel AC3 files ripped from an Audio DVD, the thing is that i want to burn this AC3 files onto a DVD to make a Dolby Digital DVD.

Which program will allow me to do this??
And, is there some procedure i have to do before burning these files onto a DVD?

Thanks in advance 

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Making a Dolby Digital Audio DVD?
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It looks like the program Audio DVD Creator (not to be confused with DVD-Audio) can do that.
You could try it at your own risk  It's not free, but 30 day trial.
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Making a Dolby Digital Audio DVD?
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It seems that you can import various file formats, and have them converted to PCM (48/16 or 96/24) or AC3.

I haven't tried it, but it looks a little like any imported AC3 file would be decoded, and then re-encoded to AC3. You should check to see if files are always converted, because this would reduce the quality. It may even be restricted to stereo. I should download it and try it - and so should you!

There are expensive DVD authoring packages (e.g. Sony DVD architect) that allow you to burn AC3 files (and video!) to DVD for replay in standard DVD players. Totally overkill for what you want to do, but they do work.