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Hello all,
    I created a plugin that can control foobar via http or window messages;  Including creating playlists...  This plugin was created based on code from:
- Erik -
- Jonatan Kronqvist -

you can download it at:

instructions are in a readme file from the zip...  If you are curious about what MP means from the filename, please take a look at:

Any feedback or enhancements are welcome!!!


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Plugin failed to start 'cause my system is missing these dll's
Code: [Select]
minka niau!


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Plugin failed to start 'cause my system is missing these dll's
Code: [Select]


Download these and put them in your windows/system32 directory. Or in the same directory as the plugin if you don't want to pollute you windows installation.


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Funny that your NT system is missing Winsock 2... It's been a native feature since NT 4, unless something deleted it.


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requested dll here is mscvP71.dll
pretty strange...
anyway, with the plugin in the component folder, foobar2000 doesn't launch



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Very strange, I searched in my computer and can't find that dll anywhere.


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I think its actually msvcp71.dll


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I think its actually msvcp71.dll
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that's right, my apologies
with msvcp71.dll in the foobar2000 folder, the component works well i'm playing with it

thanks Phi for correcting me


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Hi! I have some problems with changing the playback order. When I use SetShuffle to false, foobar goes to Default, which is OK
But I cannot get it to go back to Shuffle (Random).

Sometimes when you hear a nice track, you want to set the shuffle OFF to hear some more tracks of that album, but then after a while you may want to set shuffle back ON. But that does not seem to work.

I have tried
?cmd=SetShuffle&param1=true and

but I only get


in return, but the playback order does not change...

Am using FB 0.8.3 and your plugin 0.2

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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hey, this one works very fine to me. but i've a doubt.... it is possible to play a certain track number through the httpserver and such...? i mean, if i see this:

Nr.      Artist    Album            Title
2227   Mogwai   Rock Action   Sine Wave

how it is possible to play the track number #2227 in the playlist through commands???

thanks and good job heh