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QDesign offers a new scalable music codec: QDX
The QDesign Music codec (V2) is known for excellent ultra-low bitrate coding for music. However, this codec, bundled with QuickTime and the Quicktime-based MVP player, hasn't been able to persuade audio enthusiasts at all (talking about bitrates of 128 kbit/s...)

Now they are taking a new approach with their QDX codec. They claim a single source file of 128 kbit/s can be scaled down to be transferred to portable devices with little RAM. Similar to the concept of bitrate "peeling" in Ogg Vorbis (which isn't functional at this time, yet).

Check out their product description here:

Unfortunately their latest codec isn't for download, yet. But the screenshots make it appear as if it is going to be integrated with their MVP player.

I've heard reports that Universal Music has invested in this company... Whoever owns the codec also owns the music encoded with it...

What do you think of it?