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Topic: Questions about Noise tuning for Dibrom about --alt-preset n (Read 1826 times) previous topic - next topic

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Questions about Noise tuning for Dibrom about --alt-preset n
Hi Dibrom,

--alt-preset normal uses "-V 4" and I have a question.  When you talked about tuning noise levels, did that mean that you were tweaking the noise levels in VBR, specifically the "-V 4" setting?  Or are you using the same "-V 4" thresholds from previous LAME versions? 

I was just wondering because I haven't found a setting that low to be useful before, unless of course this setting has completely different noise threshold values in your compile.


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Questions about Noise tuning for Dibrom about --alt-preset n
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I've tuned lots of things.  The -V4 should not be taken out of context.

I ask you this -- What do your ears tell you?

I discussed this very issue in the thread about the --alt-preset normal setting.. I said the scale no longer makes sense with some of these tweaks, because a V4 setting can be higher quality than a V1 setting when other internal settings are tuned appropriately..

This is also another reason why I'm somewhat reluctant to be giving out and explaining the command lines and changes behind all of this stuff.  People see -V4 and think "This is bad quality".  Trust what your ears tell you (and what you can abx), not just how some arbitrary value usually behaves.