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Sonar3 and DAL's CardDeluxe 24/96
Hi I'm new...I've just purchased Cakewalk's Sonar 3  and have a Digital AudioLab CardDeluxe 24/96 sound card that I purchased a few years ago and used many times.  I reinstalled my audiocard in a windows XP machine and downloaded a XP driver for it off of DAL's site here's the problem...The computer recognizes the soundcard and its location (says everything is ok) Sonar3 recognizes it but I can't get a signal in or out of the computer (1/4" jacks nor S/PDIF)  I even tried a usb device with S/PDIF optical ins and outs...Sonar3 sees it but doesnt except any error's another strange thing...when I inport a .wav file into Sonar3, I see the sound waves on the track but nothing plays
I'm a simple F$$K so I know I'm overlooking something rather stupid but it usually doesnt take me this long
Any help out there? or does anyone have another driver for DAL CardDeluxe 24/96  for windows XP that I can try?

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Sonar3 and DAL's CardDeluxe 24/96
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The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is to check to see if the onboard sound is deactivated in BIOS. Have you tested the onboard sound to see if it is putting out a signal?

Sonar3 and DAL's CardDeluxe 24/96
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Have you confirmed that audio playback is audible from another app? You could try playing the WAV that you mentioned from another program, like Media Player. If you can hear it, the problem probably lies within Sonar's configuration. Go into Sonar's prefs and check that the HW/output settings match your HW and config.

If you don't get sound from another application, your next step should probably be to check Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices. Volume tab > Device volume > Advanced is where you could look to see if any of your inputs/outputs are muted or set to an inaudible level. Audio tab > Default device might also be worth looking at, to make sure that Windows is using your sound card as the default output device.

Hope this is of some help to you.
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Sonar3 and DAL's CardDeluxe 24/96
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I read about something with the BIOS setting somewhere else but couldnt find the setting
I'm running a Dell pentium 4 1.6  the card is a PCI card    all of my sound applications recognize the card but there is no signal going or coming from it