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Official foobar2000 IRC channel / #foobar2000

Note: before you can join, you need to register your nickname - see for detailed info.

Edit by JensRex:

If you join #foobar2000, don't do this:

Code: [Select]
[15:09] * user ( has joined #foobar2000
[15:10] <user> help
[15:11] * user ( has left #foobar2000

Don't say "can anyone help" and wait for someone to react. Just join and ask your question. People will respond if they know the answer.

Also note that most of the #foobar2000 regulars live in Europe, and while some of us tend to stay up much longer than we should, chances for an immediate response are lower during night time in Europe.

Comments on third-party support moved to a separate comment by Canar.
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Official foobar2000 IRC channel
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There's now a german channel as well: / #foobar2000-de
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Official foobar2000 IRC channel
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Regarding Third-party Component Help in IRC

We welcome discussion about third-party components in #foobar2000. However, many IRC users use very few third-party components. If you have questions about a specific third-party component, you should probably use the forums. In order to get help with a component, you need to find users that are both active and good at using that component. Often, there simply are no users like that around.
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