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  • samskara
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wave editors?
what is a good wave editor program? i would like one that can detect leading and trailing silence on tracks and delete them. eac doesnt always do a good job of that, and neither does its built in editor. also, the option to do this in batches would be great too.

  • rjamorim
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wave editors?
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IMO, the best audio editor is Samplitude 2496. But is's definetely not for newbies.

A good and easy editor is CoolEdit.
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  • jgalt
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wave editors?
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I also believe Cool Edit is a very good program.  However I'm a heavy user of Sound Forge 6 and the Noise Reduction package.  Unfortunately it isn't "bargain bin" priced.  Just having either of the programs isn't enough ~ you must experiment with the options, read the help files and mutter "What do they mean by that", make a few bad mistakes and so forth to "get a handle" on what's happening.  So called "Wave editors" can be generators of artifacts.

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wave editors?
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If you just want to delete leading and trailing silence, check out WavTrim (