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  • fewtch
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"Boostaroo" portable amp (don\'t buy it)
Sheesh, what a piece of chit.  Not only does it introduce a lot of hiss, but the amplification is just weak considering 2 "AA" batteries (maybe a couple dB as far as I can tell), and battery life is about 8-10 hours with alkalines (??).  Also, there's no "bypass" switch if the batteries run out or you want to save power.  And I paid $20 plus shipping for this? 

Into "the" drawer it goes...
Bring back dynamic range...

  • cmokruhl
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"Boostaroo" portable amp (don\'t buy it)
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Check out Headroom (  Their "Airhead" amp might be more than $20 (it's $119), but Headroom products are top-notch.  I own their "Little" and "Home" headphone amplifiers and highly recommend them.

Supposedly, the Airhead runs for 40 hours on 3 AAA batteries.