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  • davince
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DSP books...
I've been considering study in audio converting and sound compressing algorithm lately.

Now I've start to study some acoustics theory.

Some people on bbs whose jobs in related to audio told me that the most important thing in audio compressing is in digital signal processing.

So now i want to have a book about digital signal processing.

Could you advise me some good digital signal processing books?

If i want to study for it, do i need to have basis of engineering mathematics??

Thanks you very much

  • niktheblak
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DSP books...
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The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing

It's very good and it's freely downloadable in PDF form.

  • dspstuff
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DSP books...
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All the books by Julius Smith are very good and available for free online:

There is also a blog post by Rick Lyons where tens of freely available DSP books are listed: