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LameACM and WMP 9?
I'm a WMP user (say what you wish, it works for me) and would like to get Lame to work in WMP for CD ripping.  WMP must use ACM encoders and I can not get LameACM to work.  I have tried every version of LameACM I can find on the web, all produce the same thing.  That is, WMP hanging using 400MB of RAM.  The audio is basically garage, in every player.  I played in back in Winamp, foobar, etc.

I was kind of hoping that someone could give it a try and tell me if there is anything that can be done.  all of the steps to make Mp3 encoding work in WMP and listed at;en-us;306494.

Any input on the subject would be great. 

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LameACM and WMP 9?
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Yep.. Use Exact Audio Copy. That should clear up all problems.
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LameACM and WMP 9?
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That helped    I think it's an issue with LameACM, but I don't know enough about it to be sure.

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LameACM and WMP 9?
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I think I have seen posts about this. Search. IIRC it is not possible.

EDIT: And recommending EAC isn't very helpful. It is a great ripper for me, but for someone who likes WMP it is just not an alternative.
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LameACM and WMP 9?
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I remember having seen somewhere a page describing how to do it.
Unfortunately, I do not remember the address. At least you know it is possible, and explained somewhere on the web.

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LameACM and WMP 9?
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This may help you out:

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 306494 - Description of the MP3 Encoding Plug-In for Windows Media Player for Windows XP

Edit:  Silly me, I somehow totally missed the URL you referred to in the first post.  I just saw the post and starting searching Google to see if I could come up with anything and that's all I could get.  If I come across anything else I'll let ya know.
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LameACM and WMP 9?
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The problem is i'm looking to use lame, all of the guides always use the warez fhg encoder.  I know how-to set it up, but when using lameACM it produces garbage.

I was kind of hoping one of you guys who dev. lame could add the reg entries and give it a shoot encoding, and tell me if it's lameacm hat is the issue, or if wmp is the issue.

btw, here's quote from one of these links....
Note:  I've tried to use the LAME codec, both 3.92 and 3.93.1, for the above hack.  They do not work right.  For some reason WMP allocates TONS of memory until you blow up the virtual memory pool and it crashes.  [A memory leak? Sounds like it, but the lame programmers are pretty good, I would not expect that sort of sloppy error from them.]  The same LAME codec works fine in othe apps (EAC for one), but not in WMP. Perhaps WMP just uses it in a funky way that crashes it.
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LameACM and WMP 9?
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Any other ideas from anyone?  Any lame dev's check it out?

LameACM and WMP 9?
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