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Signal Strength Query
Hello All,

I am trying to understand the variables regarding the strength of incoming audio signals and how they are processed through computer sound cards.  The OS in question is Win XP.

I have a internet music subscription account from which I capture and record the stream using 3rd party software.  If I use my daughter's eMachine computer with it's cheapo on-board sound card, the signal is very strong, at least in the sense that I have to set both the incoming (play volume) and recording settings very "low" to avoid over modulation.  If I use my Dell computer at work with it's high(er)-end Creative Audigy 1 card, I often have to push the Windows play and record sliders to their maximum to get a decent signal.  (I have been using the meter at as a benchmark tool of sorts.)

So I guess what I am asking is why the great variance in the two signals.  I would expect that the Audigy would out-perform the MOB card, but perhaps I am missing something. Is there another setting(s) that I should be playing with?

I would assume that the internet connection would not have anything to do with the audio signal. ( Just by way of information, my daughter is on a cable modem at about 1200k about and I have a fixed wireless connection running about 400k.)

Thanks in advance for any help.


Signal Strength Query
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I really can't shed any light on your question, but I too have been curious about this. I use a M-Audio Delta 44 to archive and record various sources. When I record vinyl, I test the waters, then record hot. I am still trying to figure out if I should be using Peakmaster (Wavelab 5) or just leave well enough alone; or just normalize instead.

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