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Audio Sharing

Most people who come (go to) to Hydrogen Audio, R3mix are looking for higher quality audio than 128kbps CBR and MMJB, Audio grabber  Rips but thats what you get at most sites. So I was thinking it would be a good idea for Dibrom (or Roel) to start  Audio Sharing at thier sites with guides on how to rip with EAC safe and encode with the --DM or --R3mix settings and upload them to the Web site.

Is this a bad idea?

Audio Sharing

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Audio Sharing

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Sorry but there are no plans in the work to implement any file sharing on this site outside of our own programs and other legitimate downloads. Its a good idea and would probably work pretty well, infact there are some IRC communities that do practice this ideology successfully, however we really have no desire to test the legal system.

Audio Sharing

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Hopfully in the near future when the legal system in music sharing becomes clearer, this will change.

Thanks for the reply  sphoid

Audio Sharing

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Originally posted by CiTay
Yes it is, cause this would be illegal, and the boards sure would get in trouble sooner or later.

Well, that is unless Dibrom only wants to share songs of him and his band :listening

Dibrom has a band?! Coooooooool... I'm interested in this, you (Dibrom) can't possibly upload a song or two?  (seriously)



Audio Sharing

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Originally posted by Volcano
Dibrom has a band?! Coooooooool... I'm interested in this, you (Dibrom) can't possibly upload a song or two?  (seriously)

Hehe.. We'll its more of a "project".  It's mostly a solo thing though sphoid and I have worked on some stuff in the past.  There isn't really anything recent though partially because I haven't had the opportunity to focus on this the last few months, but maybe that will be changing in the near future...

Audio Sharing

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Well, we can share music which are no longer copyrighted because they've outlived their writer for XX number of years or something like that. Anybody for a --dm-preset insane version of Auld Lang Syne?
Edit: Thread closed because of pointless resurrection attempt