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Auto generating Playlists
Inorder to implement something similar to itunes. Is there anyway to have playlists when opened will automatically generated  a playlist based on the search conditions from the database.

I.e. like A playlist for songs with rating =6

A playlist for songs that havent been played in 14 days,

You get my idea 

Is there a plugin for it?


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Auto generating Playlists
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This has been requested really many times [span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'](forum search!)[/span].
Currently the closest thing you can get is foo_playlistgen_ex, which you can easily find in the 3rd party plugins forum. It's manual, but many of us think it's actually better for your pc that way (at least for your hard drive and cpu - it's quite slow to generate those playlists). Of course some other way of implementing this could work much better, for example a plugin could only (if it was possible) monitor tag changes made by foobar and always send only the edited file(s) to the correct playlists.

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Auto generating Playlists
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Sorry about that.

Doesn't foobar know when a certain playlist is being viewed? When its viewed can't it perform a given database search  (like the plugin already available)..

I am sorry but I am not sure about close Foobar and its 3rd paty plugins work  together.