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Frequency Divider

I have been wiating for this kind of plug-in for long years...

Maybe audiophile who likes to listen to high-end audio with PC,
he/she likes to use this kind of module, channel divider.

1.Foobar 2000 plugin for frequency divider(proto-type but planned for free)

How to get:
download page:

You can load this as foobar2000.exe component and setup with
DSP menu and channel divider menu.

1.1 Benefit
Easy to build multi-way loudspeakers without trying over and over
auditions and re-designing on LCR(passive) filters.
You can setup multi-way loudspeakers without any LCR,
actually we have verified 2 way with 18H52 x 2 + Raven R2 ribbon.
It sounds excellent!
Linear phase(group delay) , no interferr with other driver units
because of steep FIR filter. Just read the driver specifications
and calculate efficiency differences between drivers.
And offset level and select appropriate frequency for driver
combination. That's all for your multi-way loudspeaker design.

Incredible? Yes , for me it was incredible at first, that's it!
We have distributed Scan-Speak/Vifa (DST), Manger ,
Thiel & Partner , SEAS , Raven ,Audio Technology DK....

This makes us easy to build new driver based loudspeakers!

1.2  Feature: wriiten as follows,

Version 0.34 frequency divider plugin (DSP plug-in)
These specifications will be changed without notice

Name: Fequency Divider Plug-in for multi-way loudspeaker drive
Usage: used with foobar2000.exe as components
Input: foobar2000.exe data stream (Currently tested was CD-DA,Wav 44.1KHz)
Output: foobar2000.exe data stream ,
Stereo , Stereo 2way , Stereo 3way , Stereo 4way frequency divider.
Multi-way environment is decided by CPU performance.
I/O Devices: depends on foobar2000.exe and plug-in support

Filter specifications:
Filter Characteristics: FIR / linear group delay
Calculation Method: Fourrier Transform with Kaiser Window
Data Precision: 64bit double precision calculation
Filter slope: depends on the number of Taps specified at divider menu.

If max = min(MaxTaps , IdealTaps) is selected,
- High frequency Cut slope is steeper than 90dB/oct slope.
- Low frequency Cut slope is same or steeper.
Attenuation of frequency out of range: -100dB (depends on bit resolution)

2.Testing environment:

We have verified the software in these environments,
and got good result. Especially to get high quality sound
with PC , PC and Lynx Studio AES-16 and MSB Technology
D/A converter is one of the best combination for PC audio

(1) High end
1 x hp/Compaq Pentium 4 2.66GHz / MiniTower /
- Memory 512MB Windows XP Professional
- foobar2000.exe with ASIO Plug-in
- Lynx Studio AES-16 digital AES/EBU x 8 card
2  x MSB Technology The Platinum LINK DAC2 Pre x 2
2  x Marantz PA-02 power amplifier or x2 MSB Technology The Platinm
Mono200 Amp
2 x Thiel & Partner D2-20/6 diamond tweeter-driver
2 x Thiel & Partner C2-79/6 ceramic mid-driver
4 x AudioTechnology (Skaaning) 18H52 18cm mid-bass driver
This sounds excellent!

(2) Entry
1 x Panasonic Note PC Intel Mobile Pentium III 933MHz
- Memory 512MB with Windows XP Professional
- foobar2000.exe with DirectX Plug-in
- USB 2.0
- SoundBlaster Extigy USB sound box with Creative Mixer
2 x Marantz SM6100SA V.2
2 x SEAS CA11RCY 11cm mid-bass
2 x Audax TW025A2 25mm softdome tweeter
This sounds soso , and it demonstrated how easy to build
multi-way loudspeaker without complicated LCR passive
network design.

AEDIO Japan - We dig audio with scientific approaches.
CTO, Yutaka IIDA, Tokyo , Japan

Frequency Divider

Reply #1
Great - i will give it a spin

Frequency Divider

Reply #2

at first, thank you for this great plugin.

( sorry for my bad english).

i have three questions;

1.) where must i place your plugin in the dsp
example: on top of the plugins or at the end ...?

2.) is this correct ?
Soundcard out -> Monoamp-> Speaker or
Soundcard out-> Preamp->Monoamp->Speaker

3. For every speaker in the system i need one Amplifier?

CU j_ack

Frequency Divider

Reply #3
Hi J_ack,

1) I think you might apply this DSP module at the end of those,
as they have to be processed just before output...
Please advise us if you have proper processing order
by setup order.

2) Correct , but actually we did

High End:
Digital output only Soundcard -> AES/EBU x 2 or  x3 (2way or 3way Stereo) ->
D/A Converter x 2 or 3 -> Amplifiers for each driver units-> each drivers

USB ->digital -> USB Extigy (6ch / up to stereo 3way) -> Amplifier x 4 ch(
Stereo x 2 ) -> Each drivers.

3) Yes. You can build powered speakers.

Good Luck!

Yutaka IIDA, CTO , AEDIO Japan, Tokyo, Japan

Frequency Divider

Reply #4

Very interesting plugin indeed.
Few questions for you :
1/ How to assign the different chanels to the soundcard outputs?
2/ How to take into account the offset between drivers, is there a way to set it as a parameter?
3/ How to take into account the difference in sensitivity. Again, is there a way to set it as a parameter in the plug-in?
4/ Finally, a broader question : using very steep crossover slope is fine but it also means that this can cause problems of sound integration between drivers. For example using a frequency of 2500Hz to cross between mid and tweeter with a 90dB/oct slope means roughly that a sound at 2400 Hz is only output by the mid and at 2600Hz only by the tweeter. Have you tried replacing an existing crossover to hear the difference, if any?


Frequency Divider

Reply #5
Thank you for your interest.

> 1/ How to assign the different chanels to the soundcard outputs?
Currently we have not tested so many of sound card yet.
In general you may choose 7.1ch or 5.1ch Surround compatible
output soundcard with DirectX plugin, such as SoundBlaster Extigy,

Then you can allocate ch. 0,1 to woofer , 2,3 to tweeter (or mid-range)
by DirectSound mixer you can assign each channel.

With  ASIO plugin and Delta1010 of M-Audio or Lynx Studio AES-16 can be
used with this divider.

> 2/ How to take into account the offset between drivers, is there a way to set it as a parameter?

Currently NO.
You have to set the level offset with external sound volume controller.
But with Extigy , you can use rear and front mixing balance for adjusting driver level offset.
In ASIO , we use MSB DAC2Pre which has  digital(though 2dB step) controlled volume attenuator in high end,or please use MSB Multple Volume Controller or equivalent multi-channel volume controller (or AV Amplifier).

In future version , we may implement this kind of level offset functionality for this plugin,this means bit data loss by data attenuation (i.e.-6dB attenuation means you lose 1 bit resolution) So I recommend you may use external independent pre-setable volume controller with this plugin.(MSB is the one of this types)

> 3/ How to take into account the difference in sensitivity. Again, is there a way to > set it as a parameter in the plug-in?
Currently NO. I like to prioritize this funtionality than losing resolution on calculation and D/A conveters.To implement  is not so difficult but trade-off for loss of bit resolution.

> 4/ Finally, a broader question : using very steep crossover slope is fine but it
> also means that this can cause problems of sound integration between drivers.
If you tried much and said so, it is real thing...but for most of listening
environment, it is NOT true, you may try!
Integrate drivers into small appearance as possible,
and you may not feel they are different as you imagined.
More than this trade-off you can set up driver as close as you can,
because they donot interferr each other because of steep filter.

> For example using a frequency of 2500Hz to cross between
> mid and tweeter with a 90dB/oct slope means roughly that a sound
> at 2400 Hz is only output by the mid and at 2600Hz only by the tweeter.
> Have you tried replacing an existing crossover to hear the difference, if any?
YES indeed true, you may try to use same or similar sound quality and
non-linearty action for cross over frequency , that is NOT the filter
fault , I said , that is the loudspeaker selection problem and / or
driver setting problem.

Please imagine you can setup drivers as close you can,that is another
wolrd you have experienced.You can enter into more precise audio.
There are many tradeoff anyway in real acoustic world,
so if you donot like to set the drivers as close as possible and like to have traditional audio speaker with traditional network, it is your selection,
no problem.

AND MORE ... it is easy to degrade slope than current one has.
If you think it is acceptable , you will have... in near future.
I could not promise but someday in future by someone.

Wait a year or so , or you try now? That is also trade off for you.
Try now, change the approaches , then you can find another way.
Detour or shortcut? you may know by yourself.

We like to have
- Linear group delay for testing
- Steeper filter for start and will be redesigned for degrading
- best resolution for best sound quality before DAC on digital calculation
- Change the approach for loudspeaker builders we have experienced

Currently this is experimental one as you think , but realistic
and not so difficult experiment for PC audio users.
Please try to use this and I hope you will find something new to you.
That is the one of our desires...for audiophiles.

Yutaka IIDA, CTO,AEDIO Japan,Tokyo,Japan

Frequency Divider

Reply #6
Ok I see your points.

There is just one where I think we did not understand each other. When I wrote about offset between drivers I was refering to the physical offset of the drivers in a vertical plane. This causes a delay between drivers in the time it takes the sound to reach the hear. One needs to take this into account to design the crossover. How do you handle this?


Frequency Divider

Reply #7
We , all, cannot solve every problem on real acoustic world by electronic
solution as you know well.

Even though you pointed out vertical time domain consideration on the loudspeaker , that is very difficult for every network / loudspeaker.

If you move from the LISTENING POSITION you specified, you will
lose the good environment you think because time delay
differences from the drivers of measured positions, that is not filter fault, that is multi-way driver loudspeaker one.And real world you may listen to not only driver direct radiated sound , you hear in-direct reflexion from the walls etc.

So I donot think traditional network could solve this kind of time domain
delay completely better than digital delay adjustment.
Currently we are planning to implement many additional features
on PC based software and will contribute to many of loudspeaker DIY
Actually to build new loudspeakers in this method we have to discuss on specific environment you are considering about from the logical point of view.
For this point we have little interaction yet.

Currently we have used LCR network for 2way small speaker and this divider for woofer and 2way speaker connection mainly for demo, that is very good.
- 2way Vifa PL11WH09-04 + Thiel & Partner C2-12/6 with LCR network
in phase
- Woofer : Audio Technology 18H52 x 2 / ch
This sounds very good. You can experience better tweeter sound than all LCR network.That is NOT logical discussion , real world sound. If you come to Tokyo,you can hear the differences and find which is your preference.

I have questions for you...
Did you try this software with what configuration?
And it is not suitable for you?
If you are not satisfied with the result , please contact me directly
if you donot mind.

Our URL is and we can provide consulting for your audio system and listening environments. If you like , please send us e-mail,

Please try , and I like you to have good experience on music.

Yutaka IIDA, AEDIO Japan,Tokyo,Japan

Frequency Divider

Reply #8
Hi all,
We are currently planning to enhance this frequency divider by feedback.
(1) Too much steep filter ?
- we like to add feature to adjust slope, if you like to cross interferr effect on the multi-driver environment.

(2) Driver level offset
- This is trade-off to lose bit resolution as well as sound volume control on DSP modules. If you like to adjust completely in the module , we can add.

(3) Driver  delay (time alignment adjustment)
- This is only realized on source data clock rate, i.e., 44.1KHz sampling (CD-DA) data can be offset each 7.7mm step.

How do you prioritize?
Please feedback here.

And we have tested with current foobar2000 DSP components co-existence such as
- volume control (effect on all driver level, bit resolution is the trade-off)
- equalizer (you may use with CPU performance trade-off)

Yutaka IIDA, CTO, AEDIO Japan, Tokyo,Japan

Frequency Divider

Reply #9
  <- I like this kind of feature on BBS!

I am very new to foobar2000 and its plugins though we have utilized just on loudspeaker building....

We may run out of our CPU resources when we implement all of the enhancements written in latest reply on multi-channel input source or higher sampling rate source , so naturally we like raise this question.
Data synchronization is another problem, but not so severe than inter-driver delay
on multi-driver loudspeaker adjustment,  I imagine.

Q1.CPU resource share with other computer/network
We like to divide functionality on each CPU for audio reproduction for frequency
divider and input source.We like to make foobar2000 dedicated to reproduce and frequency divider.

in some CD required more buffering <- bad / damaged CD requires retries, then input buffer is over-run...we like to stable CD-DA reader by software.For example,
reading 100 sec of CD disk data prior to reproduce start on buffer and supply data to foobar2000.

- I have heard http protocol ready for foobar2000 source input, but is there simple source stream output server program is present for foobar2000 sound data?

Q2. Multi-channel (DVD source or surround source) environment for high-ender
Could we have  foobar2000 input from other software output digital audio stream ?
Such as buffered WDM / DirectSound stream from WinDVD?

- If we have 5.1ch surround data stream inputs to foobar2000, we can
(i) Hi-End DVD audio reproduction with multi-channel with multi-driver/multi-amplifier envieonments by fequency dividers.
(ii) Select which channels to be converted by frequency divider , for example fron 2ch only by frequency divider by foobar2000 and others are directly streamed into normal signal paths.

WinDVD,PowerDVD and so on...(CPU0?)
| audio stream    | Video data
|                        v
|                      VIDEO processor
DVD or CD audio data (CPU1) - Currently we use NAS Storage for Wav files
              |            Dummy driver for DirectX or WDM?
              |  Buffered and decoding to PCM x 2 (stereo) upto 8ch(7.1ch)
http? or specific data stream(CPU1) server program for Question1
      |                    |          |            get data by network
    v                    v          v
foobar2000    foobar2000  foobar2000 (these are run on each CPU2,3,4?)
with frequency      only      DSP and 
divider(front)    volume      frequency
                      control      dividers
                      (rear)      (center/sub)

is this Crazy idea? For us, not so crazy ...though.As PC and peripherals
are lower cost than high-end audio equipments.

Please tell me the possibility for implementing or which modules are available already. We like to implement minimum by our own....

Thanks in advance for all feedback.

Yutaka IIDA, CTO,AEDIO Japan,Tokyo,Japan

Frequency Divider

Reply #10

Thanks for your answer. I can't help for the moment on setting priorities since I have not tried your plug-in yet; unfortunately I don't have much time in the next few weeks to do so.   

There is a person on the diyaudio forum who tried it. I suggest you discuss with the folks on this thread to get feedback.
diyAudio Forums - PC music players
Also to get answers on foobar specific technical questions, maybe you should open a thread in the support forum.

Frequency Divider

Reply #11
We have revised the module...
We have added,
(1) Filter slope adjustment (-40dB/oct thru -400dB/oct!)
(2) Driver level offset (0 thru -20dB)
(3) Driver time domain offset (in cm step)
(4) various bug fixations
the version is v.40 you can download from
as newest one.

Please try new version!
Thanks for feedbacks.
Yutaka IIDA, AEDIO Japan

Frequency Divider

Reply #13
Hi, Mikko-san,
Thank you for your interest.
Sorry, currently we have no idea about VST plugin.

Our interest is mainly focused on high-end audio reproduction now.

Frequency Divider

Reply #14

i  try  your plugin in 2-3 month with following configuration (in the moment its a little money problem) :

Speaker :

Mid-High: Manger MSW (Germany), Bass : Thiel C² 220 T6 (Germany)

a subwoofer  15" Flexunits from AudioTechnologie (Denmark).

PreAmp : VX-Pro 2000 Thel (Germany)
Amps:  AccuSound Thel (Germany)

Soundcard: RME Multiface

i want to configurate the system as  2 two-way speakers plus 1 subwoofer (2.1)

I have two  little questions

1.)What do you think about this configuration?

2.)  is it possibile to make  the filter slope adjustment for each channel
for example : Bass -40dB/oct  Mid -100dB/oct .....?

CU j_ack

Frequency Divider

Reply #15
Thank you for your interest and feedback.

As I have distributed Manger drivers and Accuton drivers for years.
So I love that kind of combination.
Though Manger recommends 200Hz or around cross over with woofers from the release, from the measurement I like to try cross over frequency higher than recommendation.

C2-220/T6 might have peak on high frequency and break-up in 1KHz or lower, so 400 thru 600Hz might be good choise for Manger combination. I have ZeroBox 103-2 , ZeroBox 109 and SideKick as our demo from Manger, from these experiences and sound characteristics , it would be better to raise cross frequency.

And if you have good tweeter such as D2-20/6 or some of ribbons, you may add to on top of Manger to decrease Manger's high freqency characteristics.

Subwoofer I did use Morel USA one, sometimes too much for us...

Slope change on each channel and subwoofer left/right mix is your preference,  is this correctr?

I will tell these things to the developer of our colleagues.
But donot expect too much    as they did develop latest as finalized one...

Frequency Divider

Reply #16

at the moment i wait for my new soundcard.

So i play a little bit with your plugin in following order:

I use a 2 ch soundcard (m-audio transit) with  asio-support.

Minimum DSP-configuration is

Channel-divider -> convert 5.1 to stereo

when i use the asio out i must activate 3-way-speaker in your plugin.

configuration of channels:

ch 1-2 mid highcut 22050 lowcut 20 (for example)
ch 3-4 enabled but no frquency-range used ( no woofer no mid no tweeter )
ch 5-6 enabled but no frquency-range used ( no woofer no mid no tweeter )
volume :
ch 1-2 0bB
ch 3-4 -20 dB
ch 5-6 -20 db

.i know  your  plugin is not made for this configuration but it works.

It would be nice when the woofer configuration have also a  lowcut option, and the tweeter have a highcut option
Also it would be nice when there is a 4th category Sub-woofer
for example:
Sub-woofer 60
woofer hicut 300 lowcut 60
mid      hicut  4000 lowcut 300
tweeter  hicut 18000 lowcut 4000
On saturday night i use your plugin in a discothek and solve a woomy-bass problem easy to set the mid-option  lowcut to 60 Hz ( mid highcut 18000 lowcut 60).

foobar crashed  with this configurations when you changed too fast between the tracks and when you changed the parameters when a track runs.

But for tests it is o.K.

CU j_ack

Frequency Divider

Reply #17
ok i've downloaded the newest version of DSP divider. can someone please tell me how to configure it so i can use my subwoofer with foobar? currently i can only listen to mp3s with my 2 speakers without my subwoofer.

i can play mp3s with WMP fine and watch dvds with powerdvd fine as well.


Frequency Divider

Reply #18
My config : PIV 2Ghz, mb : MSI 645 (AC 97), gc geforceFX 5200, main sc : SB Audigy2 value oem (7.1), sec. sc : SB 128, 512 Mb ram.

channel divider config : 2 ways, xover @ 800Hz, slope 40db/oct, no delays

Hello aedio,

I'm using your component for 2 days now, and it's amazing what I can do with it. I'm in bi-amplification and now i think i'm going to throw away  my cheap low-pass passive filter for the boomer (magnetic-self, arrrgh). I'm still afraid to use this xover directly with my tweeter (without passive filter), cause it's very sensible to 'accidental' low-freq (personnal computers are not yet designed for 'high-end listeners').
But but but ,

1) this component makes my foobar crash frenquently, and i don't know why... That's very annoying 'cause now i couldn't live without it! The crash report says that :

Illegal operation:
Code: C0000005h, flags: 00000000h, address: 77F523CFh
Access violation, operation: write, address: 3F830F6Ah
Call path:
This is the first crash logged by this instance.
Code bytes (77F523CFh):
77F5238Fh:  06 00 00 8B 48 20 66 F7 C1 FF 01 8D 49 01 89 48
77F5239Fh:  20 0F 85 68 12 00 00 52 8D 45 D4 50 E8 2A 3D 01
77F523AFh:  00 E9 5F 12 00 00 8D 46 E8 89 45 84 89 45 80 8B
77F523BFh:  08 89 8D 7C FF FF FF 8B 40 04 89 85 78 FF FF FF
77F523CFh:  89 08 89 41 04 80 7D E3 00 75 2D 83 65 CC 00 68
77F523DFh:  00 80 00 00 8D 45 CC 50 8D 45 84 50 6A FF E8 F5
77F523EFh:  45 FF FF 8B C8 89 8D 74 FF FF FF 85 C9 0F 8D 52
77F523FFh:  FA FE FF E9 B5 8A 01 00 FF B7 78 05 00 00 E8 7E
Stack (0258FC3Ch):
0258FC1Ch:  77D69BE0 FFFFFFFF 77D13B33 77D15462
0258FC2Ch:  00000000 00000015 00000014 004012D5
0258FC3Ch:  77BFAA6B 01359C00 01339F30 02259000
0258FC4Ch:  00890178 00000000 00000000 00000000
0258FC5Ch:  0000011E 000008F0 00000000 00000126
0258FC6Ch:  00000930 3F830F6A 40D6261B 01359BE0
0258FC7Ch:  01359BE0 9098F974 0020D9F4 0134EF60
0258FC8Ch:  00890178 00000000 00000000 00000000
0258FC9Ch:  00000000 00000000 00AA191B 0000039D
0258FCACh:  00000000 00000000 00000000 E969166C
0258FCBCh:  00001CE8 00001380 0134EF68 00008700
0258FCCCh:  0258FAC0 0258FAC4 0258FD14 01019005
0258FCDCh:  00890000 0258FC3C 0258F864 0258FD30
0258FCECh:  77F69005 77F5D5C8 00000001 0258FD40
0258FCFCh:  77BFAB2E 00890000 00000000 01359C00
0258FD0Ch:  77BFAA6B 0133DD78 01339F30 77C03EB0
0258FD1Ch:  77BE2048 FFFFFFFF 77BFAC19 0258FD0C
0258FD2Ch:  0258F864 0258FFDC 77C03EB0 77BE2030
0258FD3Ch:  FFFFFFFF 0258FD84 00AA15F5 01359C00
0258FD4Ch:  0000026F 0133DD78 01339F30 00AA1229
EAX: 3F830F6A, EBX: 00000000, ECX: 40D6261B, EDX: 00890608
ESI: 01359BF8, EDI: 00890000, EBP: 0258FCF8, ESP: 0258FC3C
Crash location: "ntdll", loaded at 77F40000h - 77FEE000h
Symbol: "RtlImpersonateSelf" (+00000110h)

Loaded modules:
foobar2000                      loaded at 00400000h - 00452000h
ntdll                            loaded at 77F40000h - 77FEE000h
kernel32                        loaded at 77E40000h - 77F36000h
USER32                          loaded at 77D10000h - 77D9C000h
GDI32                            loaded at 7F000000h - 7F041000h
ADVAPI32                        loaded at 77DA0000h - 77E3E000h
RPCRT4                          loaded at 78000000h - 78087000h
ole32                            loaded at 7CCC0000h - 7CDE4000h
COMCTL32                        loaded at 78090000h - 78174000h
msvcrt                          loaded at 77BE0000h - 77C33000h
SHLWAPI                          loaded at 77290000h - 772F9000h
utf8api                          loaded at 10000000h - 1000D000h
comdlg32                        loaded at 76340000h - 76386000h
SHELL32                          loaded at 4F500000h - 4FD1F000h
foo_abx                          loaded at 008D0000h - 008DC000h
foo_ac3                          loaded at 008E0000h - 008F3000h
foo_albumlist                    loaded at 00900000h - 0090B000h
foo_ape                          loaded at 00910000h - 0092F000h
foo_apl                          loaded at 00930000h - 0093A000h
foo_bitcompare                  loaded at 00940000h - 00949000h
foo_burninate                    loaded at 00950000h - 0095C000h
VERSION                          loaded at 77BD0000h - 77BD7000h
foo_cdda                        loaded at 00960000h - 0096E000h
foo_clienc                      loaded at 00970000h - 0097B000h
foo_console                      loaded at 00980000h - 00987000h
foo_convolve                    loaded at 00990000h - 009DF000h
foo_dbsearch                    loaded at 009E0000h - 009F8000h
foo_diskwriter                  loaded at 00A00000h - 00A12000h
WINMM                            loaded at 76AE0000h - 76B0E000h
foo_dsp_channel                  loaded at 00AA0000h - 00AA9000h
foo_dsp_crossfade                loaded at 00AB0000h - 00AB7000h
foo_dsp_crossfeed                loaded at 00AC0000h - 00AC6000h
foo_dsp_delta                    loaded at 00AD0000h - 00AD6000h
foo_dsp_extra                    loaded at 00AE0000h - 00AF5000h
foo_dsp_nogaps                  loaded at 00B00000h - 00B07000h
foo_dsp_pause                    loaded at 00B10000h - 00B17000h
foo_dsp_skip_silence            loaded at 00B20000h - 00B27000h
foo_dsp_soundtouch              loaded at 00B30000h - 00B3B000h
MSVCP60                          loaded at 76010000h - 76071000h
foo_dynamics                    loaded at 00B40000h - 00B47000h
foo_explorer                    loaded at 00B50000h - 00B5A000h
foo_faac                        loaded at 00B60000h - 00B93000h
foo_festalon                    loaded at 00BA0000h - 00CDE000h
foo_flac                        loaded at 00CE0000h - 00CFC000h
foo_flaccer                      loaded at 00D00000h - 00D16000h
foo_freedb                      loaded at 00D20000h - 00D4E000h
WS2_32                          loaded at 719F0000h - 71A05000h
WS2HELP                          loaded at 719E0000h - 719E8000h
foo_G-Force                      loaded at 00D50000h - 00D5B000h
foo_history                      loaded at 00D60000h - 00D75000h
foo_history_panel                loaded at 00D80000h - 00D88000h
foo_id3v2                        loaded at 00D90000h - 00DC0000h
foo_infobox                      loaded at 00DC0000h - 00DD3000h
foo_input_std                    loaded at 00DE0000h - 00E9E000h
MSACM32                          loaded at 77BB0000h - 77BC4000h
foo_lpac                        loaded at 00EB0000h - 00EB7000h
lpac_codec_api                  loaded at 00EC0000h - 00ECA000h
lpaccodec                        loaded at 00ED0000h - 00EF9000h
foo_lyricmake                    loaded at 01120000h - 01133000h
foo_lyricshow                    loaded at 01140000h - 01157000h
foo_masstag                      loaded at 01160000h - 01174000h
foo_matroska                    loaded at 01180000h - 011C8000h
foo_mixer                        loaded at 011D0000h - 011E2000h
foo_mod                          loaded at 011F0000h - 011F9000h
BASS                            loaded at 01200000h - 0125A000h
foo_monkey                      loaded at 01260000h - 0127C000h
foo_mpeg4u                      loaded at 01280000h - 012A9000h
foo_nez                          loaded at 012B0000h - 012DB000h
foo_null                        loaded at 013E0000h - 013E7000h
foo_ofr                          loaded at 013F0000h - 013F6000h
OptimFROG                        loaded at 01400000h - 0142C000h
foo_oggpreview                  loaded at 01440000h - 01541000h
foo_osd                          loaded at 01550000h - 0155E000h
gdiplus                          loaded at 70D00000h - 70E91000h
foo_output_std                  loaded at 01570000h - 01579000h
foo_out_dsound_ex                loaded at 01580000h - 01589000h
DSOUND                          loaded at 51080000h - 510E1000h
foo_out_dsound_ex2              loaded at 015A0000h - 015A9000h
foo_out_ks                      loaded at 015B0000h - 015BB000h
SETUPAPI                        loaded at 76610000h - 766FC000h
foo_playcount                    loaded at 015C0000h - 015CA000h
foo_playlistfind                loaded at 015D0000h - 015DB000h
foo_playlistgen_ex              loaded at 015E0000h - 015EF000h
foo_pl_hopper                    loaded at 015F0000h - 015F6000h
foo_pphsresample                loaded at 01600000h - 01610000h
foo_psf                          loaded at 01610000h - 016BC000h
foo_quicktag                    loaded at 016C0000h - 016C9000h
foo_read_http                    loaded at 016D0000h - 016D9000h
foo_repeat                      loaded at 016E0000h - 016FF000h
foo_rgscan                      loaded at 01700000h - 0170D000h
foo_scheduler                    loaded at 01710000h - 01725000h
foo_scroll                      loaded at 01730000h - 01736000h
foo_search_ex                    loaded at 01740000h - 01748000h
foo_shn                          loaded at 01750000h - 0175F000h
foo_shuffle                      loaded at 01760000h - 01769000h
foo_sid                          loaded at 01790000h - 017D7000h
foo_spc                          loaded at 017E0000h - 017F1000h
foo_speex                        loaded at 01800000h - 01818000h
foo_stfu                        loaded at 01770000h - 01777000h
foo_tfmx                        loaded at 01820000h - 01829000h
foo_tta                          loaded at 01830000h - 01839000h
foo_tta_old                      loaded at 01840000h - 01849000h
foo_uie_albumart                loaded at 01850000h - 0185C000h
MSVCR71                          loaded at 7C340000h - 7C396000h
foo_uie_albumlist                loaded at 01870000h - 01881000h
foo_uie_dbexplorer              loaded at 01890000h - 0189B000h
foo_uie_simple_spectrum          loaded at 018A0000h - 018AB000h
foo_uie_tabs                    loaded at 018B0000h - 018BA000h
foo_uie_trackinfo                loaded at 018C0000h - 018CB000h
foo_uie_volume                  loaded at 018D0000h - 018DA000h
foo_ui_columns                  loaded at 018E0000h - 01917000h
foo_ui_std                      loaded at 01920000h - 01937000h
foo_unpack                      loaded at 01940000h - 01971000h
OLEAUT32                        loaded at 770E0000h - 7716B000h
foo_utils                        loaded at 01980000h - 01991000h
foo_vis_manager                  loaded at 019A0000h - 019A8000h
foo_vis_simple_spectrum          loaded at 019B0000h - 019BA000h
foo_vis_stereo                  loaded at 019C0000h - 01A48000h
foo_vis_vu_meter                loaded at 01A50000h - 01A58000h
foo_vorbisenc                    loaded at 01A60000h - 01B71000h
foo_wavpack                      loaded at 01B80000h - 01B92000h
foo_web                          loaded at 01BA0000h - 01BB9000h
foo_winamp_spam                  loaded at 01BC0000h - 01BC8000h
foo_wma                          loaded at 01BD0000h - 01BE9000h
WMVCore                          loaded at 086C0000h - 08904000h
WMASF                            loaded at 070D0000h - 0710B000h
foo_wmaenc                      loaded at 01BF0000h - 01C1F000h
QUARTZ                          loaded at 35500000h - 35708000h
foo_xa                          loaded at 01C30000h - 01C3F000h
uxtheme                          loaded at 5B090000h - 5B0C4000h
LgWndHk                          loaded at 01CA0000h - 01CA7000h
wdmaud                          loaded at 72C70000h - 72C79000h
msacm32                          loaded at 72C60000h - 72C68000h
midimap                          loaded at 77BA0000h - 77BA7000h
Powrprof                        loaded at 74A40000h - 74A47000h
LgMsgHk                          loaded at 02160000h - 0216B000h
dciman32                        loaded at 73B10000h - 73B16000h
ksuser                          loaded at 5EF80000h - 5EF84000h
imagehlp                        loaded at 76C40000h - 76C62000h
DBGHELP                          loaded at 6D9E0000h - 6DA5D000h

Stack dump analysis:
Address: 77BFAA6Bh, location: "msvcrt", loaded at 77BE0000h - 77C33000h
Symbol: "free" (+00000000h)
Address: 00AA191Bh, location: "foo_dsp_channel", loaded at 00AA0000h - 00AA9000h
Address: 77F69005h, location: "ntdll", loaded at 77F40000h - 77FEE000h
Symbol: "tan" (+0000048Eh)
Address: 77F5D5C8h, location: "ntdll", loaded at 77F40000h - 77FEE000h
Symbol: "RtlUpdateTimer" (+00000DD3h)
Address: 77BFAB2Eh, location: "msvcrt", loaded at 77BE0000h - 77C33000h
Symbol: "free" (+000000C3h)
Address: 77BFAA6Bh, location: "msvcrt", loaded at 77BE0000h - 77C33000h
Symbol: "free" (+00000000h)
Address: 77C03EB0h, location: "msvcrt", loaded at 77BE0000h - 77C33000h
Symbol: "except_handler3" (+00000000h)
Address: 77BE2048h, location: "msvcrt", loaded at 77BE0000h - 77C33000h
Symbol: "__non_rtti_object::`vftable'" (+00000C60h)
Address: 77BFAC19h, location: "msvcrt", loaded at 77BE0000h - 77C33000h
Symbol: "free" (+000001AEh)
Address: 77C03EB0h, location: "msvcrt", loaded at 77BE0000h - 77C33000h
Symbol: "except_handler3" (+00000000h)
Address: 77BE2030h, location: "msvcrt", loaded at 77BE0000h - 77C33000h
Symbol: "__non_rtti_object::`vftable'" (+00000C48h)
Address: 00AA15F5h, location: "foo_dsp_channel", loaded at 00AA0000h - 00AA9000h
Address: 00AA1229h, location: "foo_dsp_channel", loaded at 00AA0000h - 00AA9000h
Address: 00AA25C0h, location: "foo_dsp_channel", loaded at 00AA0000h - 00AA9000h
Address: 00AA25E4h, location: "foo_dsp_channel", loaded at 00AA0000h - 00AA9000h
Address: 00AA3D36h, location: "foo_dsp_channel", loaded at 00AA0000h - 00AA9000h
Address: 0040ABB3h, location: "foobar2000", loaded at 00400000h - 00452000h
Address: 0040A9E3h, location: "foobar2000", loaded at 00400000h - 00452000h
Address: 00420D97h, location: "foobar2000", loaded at 00400000h - 00452000h
Address: 00420EA6h, location: "foobar2000", loaded at 00400000h - 00452000h
Address: 0043A03Ch, location: "foobar2000", loaded at 00400000h - 00452000h
Address: 0043A028h, location: "foobar2000", loaded at 00400000h - 00452000h
Address: 0042028Ah, location: "foobar2000", loaded at 00400000h - 00452000h
Address: 00439908h, location: "foobar2000", loaded at 00400000h - 00452000h
Address: 0043997Ch, location: "foobar2000", loaded at 00400000h - 00452000h
Address: 00439974h, location: "foobar2000", loaded at 00400000h - 00452000h
Address: 00439960h, location: "foobar2000", loaded at 00400000h - 00452000h
Address: 00439974h, location: "foobar2000", loaded at 00400000h - 00452000h
Address: 00439960h, location: "foobar2000", loaded at 00400000h - 00452000h
Address: 0043B09Ch, location: "foobar2000", loaded at 00400000h - 00452000h
Address: 0043AF90h, location: "foobar2000", loaded at 00400000h - 00452000h
Address: 0043AFB8h, location: "foobar2000", loaded at 00400000h - 00452000h
Address: 0043AFA4h, location: "foobar2000", loaded at 00400000h - 00452000h
Address: 0043AFB8h, location: "foobar2000", loaded at 00400000h - 00452000h
Address: 0043AFA4h, location: "foobar2000", loaded at 00400000h - 00452000h
Address: 00420525h, location: "foobar2000", loaded at 00400000h - 00452000h
Address: 77F4166Ah, location: "ntdll", loaded at 77F40000h - 77FEE000h
Symbol: "RtlFreeHeap" (+000000FFh)
Address: 77E5D28Eh, location: "kernel32", loaded at 77E40000h - 77F36000h
Symbol: "RegisterWaitForInputIdle" (+00000043h)
Address: 77F4166Ah, location: "ntdll", loaded at 77F40000h - 77FEE000h
Symbol: "RtlFreeHeap" (+000000FFh)
Address: 77E7B2E5h, location: "kernel32", loaded at 77E40000h - 77F36000h
Symbol: "SetThreadExecutionState" (+00000097h)
Address: 77E6A870h, location: "kernel32", loaded at 77E40000h - 77F36000h
Symbol: "VerSetConditionMask" (+000002F4h)
Address: 004204F6h, location: "foobar2000", loaded at 00400000h - 00452000h

Version info:
foobar2000 v0.8.3

I think it's a conflict with an other component, but which one?

2) I noticed some clipping in high frequencies too. Is it due to the poor quality of my sound card? (SB audigy 2 value oem)

3) Kernel streaming doesn't seem to work when xover is activated; too bad, this output gives the best sound to me

I really hope that this component is still supported cause it could make a little revolution in the community of pc-audiophiles.

Thx a lot for this vital component!
Emu 1212m, PIV 2Ghz, ATI9550, WinXp, Debian Etch

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I've just found the solution for my clipping problem : stop any other task with high cpu use! 
In activity, with xover enabled, foobar takes me sometimes no less than  65% of cpu usage!  xover disabled, it's 10% max.
Emu 1212m, PIV 2Ghz, ATI9550, WinXp, Debian Etch

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Reply #20
Hi all,

For this plugin, I did some hardware by myself.

First step, modify my audio card to get 6channels I2S digital out

Second step, DIY a 6 channels DAC

My 3 ways audio system overview

Now, I enjoy music by this way!

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Reply #21
Hi herbertlee, why don't you buy a M-audio whith multichannel outputs?
Emu 1212m, PIV 2Ghz, ATI9550, WinXp, Debian Etch

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Hi herbertlee, why don't you buy a M-audio whith multichannel outputs?
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The audio card that I use is M-audio Revoulation 7.1. But  its analog output is not good  . So, I did these hardware to enhance it  .

I am a hi-end player. I designed dacs, pre-amps, power-amps, speakers by myself. Now I use HTPC to enjoy music, movie...etc. However the noise in pc is too much. So I use digital out to isolate the noise. The music signals are be carried by digital signals without any noise. In this way, I can own a clean background when I enjoy music  . You should try it.


ps. sorry for my poor english. I hope you can understand what I said.

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hi. great plugin.

i would like if you added a feature to downmix a certain channel to mono.

i use this plugin to crossover my mains and my subwoofer, but my subwoofer only has mono inputs.

this feature would make the plugin perfect for my application!