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Frontah problems with Genre tag?
Hope someone here can help out...
I'm transcoding from flac to mp3 using Frontah. Frontah is correctly transferring the vorbis tag info to the id3v1.1 tags, but is not copying over the 'Genre' tag at all. If I enable id3v2, the 'genre' tag is copied over, though.
Can anyone tell me how to get Frontah to copy over the 'genre' tag using id3v1.1 tag format?


Frontah problems with Genre tag?
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Frontah problems with Genre tag?
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Your genre does no map exactly to one of the defined ID3v1-genres.

Frontah uses the same genre-list as Winamp, which is somewhat different from the "official" genre-list at

One example is "AlternRock", which could have several names: "Alt. Rock", "Alternative Rock", ...