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Foobar2000 alternative for Linux

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Not to mention Amarok has a nice (which is somewhat broken now - you can't change last-fm-radio tracks)

Foobar2000 alternative for Linux

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For me, a major problem is that a ton of my music collection was naively ripped to .ape (Monkey's Audio) many years before I considered Linux a viable desktop OS. I have tracked down a deb repository that packages libmac2, monkeys-audio, and xmms-mac, but XMMS is pretty ugly (with native x menus, etc.). I did then also find beep-media-player (bmp), which is kind of an xmms clone using gtk, and supports xmms plugins (so I can play .ape), but after using foobar2000 for many years on Windows, bmp just pales in comparison. (For the uninitiated, xmms, and subsequently bmp, are basically Winamp look-alikes.)

I've read that amarok can support xmms plugins, but like a few of the others above, I'm using Gnome, so I'd prefer a gtk solution if possible. I think the eventual answer is that I should write a script to convert all my .ape files to .flac (and just pray and hope that I don't mess something up and lose dozens of gigs of lossless rips I've probably spent a combined time measured in days ripping, etc.), but in the meantime, amarok is probably going to be my answer.

Install gmusicbrowser and compile the latest mplayer svn and ffpmeg svn. Then choose the mplayer backend in gmusicbrowser and you'll be able to play all your APE files.

Oh and its a GTK app too.

Interesting to see that someone did the same with APE as me. 

I ripped many CD with CUESheets + APE in the past years to replay them on my laptop while being on business trips. Meanwhile I slipped from WinOS to Ubuntu (7.10), too because it fulfills my needs perfectly.

I managed once replaying (single) APE's with CUE's on XMMS on Ubuntu 7.04 (that was far from a playlist like in foobar). After upgrading (fresh install) to 7.10 I didn't managed it again. 

Before I start with the gmusicbrowser I want to ask, if the CUESheet replay support works on APE/FLAC/WV? 

Thank you


Foobar2000 alternative for Linux

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Before I start with the gmusicbrowser I want to ask, if the CUESheet replay support works on APE/FLAC/WV?

From the gmusicbrowser FAQ:
Does gmusicbrowser support cue sheets ?
    Not currently, but I plan to.
    There is a very limited support with this plugin, it adds a context view which displays the cuesheet of the playing file (if it has the same filename with the .cue extension), and allows you to skip to the different tracks. But gmusicbrowser will still see the file as a single song.

Here the developer spoke about APE support. I don't know if you want to compile the ffmpeg yourself

Foobar2000 alternative for Linux

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Here the developer spoke about APE support. I don't know if you want to compile the ffmpeg yourself

Yeah, im the anonymous guy.

ffmpeg and mplayer are not hard to compile and are much better then the versions in the repository.

Foobar2000 alternative for Linux

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I've never managed to get foobar running perfectly in wine, and i've never found anything that comes close to a foobar replacement in linux. It's a massive shame that there is no foobar port, anyone know why this is? I can't believe the best audio app of them all is only available on crappy old windows!

Foobar2000 alternative for Linux

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As far as I remember, there's no foobar port for Linux because the foobar devs simply aren't interested in one. Since they give us foobar for free I don't think we're in a position to complain.
Now what I don't understand is why nobody has written something similar for Linux yet. Given the configurabilty hunger of the average Linux user, I'm puzzled by the extreme lack of any settings in Linux audio players (even Amarok doesn't have more then a dozen configuration options, and KDE is supposed to be especially for the tweakers).

Foobar2000 alternative for Linux

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The latest few versions of Wine seem to run Foobar great now. There were a few GUI bugs in the past but it seems to run much better now!

Foobar2000 alternative for Linux

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How about a player for Linux that is truly gapless in playback and plays back (with extremely high quality output), among other things:
Almost all sample based, uncompressed, formats (WAV, AIFF, AU etc)
MOD audio files (MOD, S3M, XM, IT, etc.)
MPEG Audio (including MP3 of course)
Ogg Vorbis
Pretty much anything you can throw at it

Internet radio

LADSPA plugin support

encodes (including ripping CD's/DVD's on the fly) to
MP3 (via LAME)

Built-in Tagger

Ability to convert sample rates between the input file and the output device, from downsampling by a factor of 12 to upsampling by the same factor. The best converter provides a signal-to-noise ratio of 97dB with -3dB passband extending from DC to 96% of the theoretical best bandwidth for a given pair of input and output sample rates.

It's not Foobar - yet. But it's still (late) beta. (new beta due out by XMAS - I'm running SVN ). You can always help enhance it. Check it out.

There's also a Windows port, if anyone cares

Foobar2000 alternative for Linux

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Looks good. The only problem I have with it is that it uses skins, and I prefer only to skin my OS and have the programs follow those changes automatically. What GUI toolkit does it use by the way?

Foobar2000 alternative for Linux

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Looks good. The only problem I have with it is that it uses skins, and I prefer only to skin my OS and have the programs follow those changes automatically. What GUI toolkit does it use by the way?

I believe it's GTK+.

Foobar2000 alternative for Linux

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Looks good. The only problem I have with it is that it uses skins, and I prefer only to skin my OS and have the programs follow those changes automatically. What GUI toolkit does it use by the way?

The latest beta is now officially out. One of the features is: Option to disable skin support (for themed environments)

Here's the entire announcement:
The Aqualung development team is pleased to announce the latest
release of the Aqualung music player.

Aqualung is an advanced music player originally targeted at the
GNU/Linux operating system, today also running on FreeBSD, OpenBSD and
Microsoft Windows. It plays audio CDs, internet radio streams and
podcasts as well as soundfiles in just about any audio format and has
the feature of inserting no gaps between adjacent tracks.

The ChangeLog lists major new features and is included below.

Packagers, please note that from this release, TagLib is no longer a
dependency of Aqualung.



2007-12-19      Tom Szilagyi <tszilagyi at users dot sourceforge dot

* Aqualung 0.9beta9

This is a major release bringing significant new functionality and
many important fixes. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

As always, the up-to-date User Manual is available at:

Major additions:

* Fundamentally new Metadata system, using native decoders and private
code instead of TagLib to provide complete support for reading and
writing metadata, including ID3v1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4, APE, Ogg Xiph
comments and FLAC picture frames, as well as read-only support for
ReplayGain in Musepack stream data and various metadata received in
internet radio streams. Aqualung also provides a batch tagger facility
to quickly propagate Music Store metadata to file metadata.

* Support for podcasts. Aqualung can subscribe to RSS and Atom audio
podcasts, and automatically download and add new files to the Music
Store. Optional limits for the age, size and number of downloaded
files can be set.

* Support for exporting files from Music Store or Playlist with audio
transcoding and intelligent metadata transfer. Useful for burning your
favourite tracks to CD, filling your portable player, etc.

* Aqualung now compiles and runs on OpenBSD.

* Smoother skin changing.

* Option to disable skin support (for themed environments).

* Lots of fixes, cleanups & refactoring.


* TagLib is not used anymore.

Foobar2000 alternative for Linux

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Its okay, same with amarok and mpd and a quodlibet and banshee. They're all getting there but not quite there.

Foobar2000 alternative for Linux

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I often miss replaygain. That is really a pitty.

Foobar2000 alternative for Linux

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In none of the linux players I find perfect (=absolutely clickless in all circumstances) gapless playback of lame encoded mp3s, even not with Aqualung which is allegedly designed for gapless playback. I find mpd (with Sonata) currently the best option as a media player. Gapless is (nearly for lame mp3s) perfect and it supports replaygain. As a major annoyance: it reads only id2 version replay gain tags while mp3gain only writes ape style tags. Strange: this could al be so much better with open source.

Foobar2000 alternative for Linux

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the best player on linux in my opinion is gmusicbrowser! and i tried lots of them.
it's what comes closest to foobar2000. at least concerning the features i consider important.
i recently made the switch to linux and was surprised, that nothing came close to foobar, i was trying player after player. finally i found gmusicbrowser, which is good for now. there are some features i am missing, maybe i will make some suggestions to the developer.
i still consider running foobar under wine, but that would involve lots of new configuring because my foobar doesn't run under wine. and as far as i tried with a new installation, it works, but it's not the same. a bit annoying.

Foobar2000 alternative for Linux

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"They're all trying to getting there, but not reaching the goal?"

Not with rhythmbox. I still love the fb2k-like interface with this one.
Hell yeah, once I have plenty of time I could maybe try to compile rhythmbox for cygwin! )

Cygwin GNOME is already reality, so why not try that!

This one will definitely not display a shiny GTK+ message window sometime saying: Sorry, this application needs Windows XP and above.
Kudos to all dev's not going like "Upgrade OS or f$%# off!"

Foobar2000 alternative for Linux

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Sorry for the necro, but I want to throw another vote in here for gmusicbrowser. However, the catch is that you need to install the latest version intead of the stable version in order to have gapless playback.

On a debian system you can use the tarball to build a .deb by issuing dpkg-buildpackage from inside the directory you unpack. As another note, for a while I thought the build process was not working; however the resulting .deb pops out in the parent directory (../).

I tried quodlibet and aqualung, and neither of them seem to deal with accessing a large music library over a network particularly well. I let Aqualung chug for an hour trying to load my music library, and when it stopped it had managed to load about 5% of it successfully. Gmusicbrowser on the other hand gives me exactly what I want - high performance dealing with large numbers of files, and a Music Library + Contextual Playlist layout.

Foobar2000 alternative for Linux

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On my Linux media center (which is audio-only) I'm running ArchLinux, managing a database of approx. 85.000 songs.
For playback I have gmusicbrowser (latest development snaphot, built from git) and Foobar2000 via wine. Each one has it pros and cons to be sure, but IMHO gmusicbrowser is by far the best native Linux music manager. Too bad that for now gapless is working only with the ugly+buggy gstreamer backend- I'd rather use the mplayer backend instead...
For live streams I'm using gxine, which is buggy and unstable- I will surely dispose it when gmusicbrowser adds radio to its features (promised by the program author).
And of course there is always mpd+gmpc, which is a great combo.

Foobar2000 alternative for Linux

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A big feature that I miss from my foobar days is the ability to drag a folder and drop it on the player shortcut and have all the songs load AND start playing the first.  So far it seems only VLC and my favorite so far, Decibel, do this properly.
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Foobar2000 alternative for Linux

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perhaps in the future they will DeaDBeef

    *  mp3, ogg vorbis, flac, ape, wv, wav
    * ID3v1, ID3v2.2, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4, APEv2, xing/info tags support
    * character set detection for non-unicode id3 tags - supports cp1251 and iso8859-1
    * unicode tags are fully supported as well (both utf8 and ucs2)
    * cuesheet support for mp3, ogg, flac, ape
    * autodetection of utf8/cp1251/iso8859-1 charsets in cuesheets
    * sid and some popular chiptune formats like nsf
    * tracker modules like mod, s3m, it, xm, etc
    * HVSC song length database support for sid
    * gtk2 interface with custom highly speed/memory optimized widgets
    * no GNOME or KDE dependencies - just gtk2 and several small libraries
    * minimize to tray, with scrollwheel volume control
    * drag and drop, both inside of playlist, and from filemanagers and such
    * control playback from command line (allows global hotkeys using xbindkeys)
    * seeking works in all supported formats
    * plugin support; ships with several standard plugins, such as global hotkeys and scrobbler; sdk is included
    * duration calculation is as precise as possible for vbr mp3 files (with and without xing/info tags)
    * was tested and works on x86, x86_64 and ppc64 architectures. should work on most modern platforms

Foobar2000 alternative for Linux

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deadbeef - where is the support for aac (m4a)? if only wine can add drag&drop into apps...

Foobar2000 alternative for Linux

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I'm still checking out all these players, but for now, after testing RhythmBox, Aqualung, Quod Libet, Banshee and Audacious2, I still miss the tagging capabilities of foobar2000. This includes custom display strings and the mass tagger, for which I've written quite complex scripts that would fix all sorts of errors in tags automagically. Any thoughts on that?

In the end, I really hoped foobar would get a native Linux version. Over Wine there's always the ALSA stuttering problem. *sigh*

Foobar2000 alternative for Linux

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Really hoping the same shindou, i would love to have a foobar2000 linux version.I like this player because of its simplicity and yet big support for many filetypes, it's not like winamp/wmp with its skins and visualizations.

Foobar2000 alternative for Linux

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There's just nothing that compares to foobar on Linux. All player lack tagging and file operations. Most of them are either not customizable at all or only by disproportional means. And don't get me started on performance. It's a shame.
I doubt there is a player for Linux that I didn't try. It's too bad foobar is so awesome, if it'd suck, I'd never got used to this level of comfort.

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