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Lame or Fraunhofer?
Hi there,
am completely new to this forum. I am huge music fan and trade a lot of boots from various bands. As I always want the best quality, I was wondering if somebody could tell me what the best mp3 format is. I use Wavelab 4.0 and have two choices: Lame or Fraunhofer (the last offering a lot more options as far as different compressions are concerned). What's better? And there are any upgrades available which ensure better quality - where can I find these upgrades?

Thanks for an answer!

Lame or Fraunhofer?
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LAME for bitrates above 128 kbps, Fraunhofer for bitrates under 128 kbps.

Oh, and please read the FAQs before posting.

Edit: Why did you post in the "Upload" forum? The "MP3" forum would have been better.
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Lame or Fraunhofer?
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uh, sorry. My fault. But thanks for the answer. I have always used Fraunhofer but now I see...

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Lame or Fraunhofer?
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and if you are trading, you might want to look at lossless (shorten/flac/etc).

most trading communities will not like you with your "inferior" mp3's ;P