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  • mahriai
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Random Playlist Generator
I've been using Foobar 2000 for about a month now, frequenting the 'random' playlist option.  I've noticed, however, that the program 'favors' certain tracks.  Now, I'm not sure if that's because of the order, track number, album, or something else entirely, but it is happening. 

I'm currently documenting which songs play when, which play more than others, placement in playlist, et cetera.  Also, I'll try radomizing the order of the playlist, to see if that plays any role in it. 

I'm not trying to flame or anything, I just want to help foobar become a better program (though it is already quite impressive).

I'll post my results on this thread in the next few days.
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  • Marinmo
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Random Playlist Generator
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Quite much the same issue was brought up by me here - no progress on the writing of the "new" plugin though, still analyzing the foo_shuffle code .... And have some schoolwork to do.