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Encode interviews to listen on an iPod

I am about to encode a lot (200+) of short interviews from AIFF to either AAC or MP3 to listen to on my iPod and would appreciate a starting point for which settings to use.

Space really is not an issue but the resulting files should be as small as possible (of course;-) with the reservation that hearable artifacts or distortion is not acceptable.

I have lame and the built in iTunes mp3-encoder (Fraunhofer?). Should I try to find some other encoder?

Some of the interviews are in mono and some in stereo, can I encode everything in stereo and letting the joint stereo effect automatically handle the mono-recordings making them half the size of the stereo recording? Or is it necessary to manually encode in mono and stereo respectively? All interviews are made in a studio environment = the source's sound quality is very good.

With this background, which encoder and which settings for that encoder do you recommend as a starting point for testing? Links to external resources that has tested encoding speech (_not_ music) would be very interesting.

Mac OS X 10.3 and Quicktime Pro 6.5