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J.River Media Center 10.0 Released
MEDIA CENTER 10 has a new layout that includes a new skin, media mode controls, and an improved graphical Action Window.

Some new Features:
-- Improved Action Window
-- ThunderStorm skin by Pixtudio
-- Media Mode Buttons
-- Streamlined Tree
-- 3D Visualizations

And much more, for more details go to here:
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J.River Media Center 10.0 Released
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Here's a screenshot:
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J.River Media Center 10.0 Released
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How does mediacenter store the track rating?  I've been rating my songs with foobar under %trackrating%...  Got mediacenter for my sister because it'll be easy for her to put stuff on her creative ipod-thing...  but is there any way to get mediacenter to read my %trackrating% tag?  Or any tag really, I treid just %rating% and whatnot and its not showing up anywhere.

Mediacenter actually isn't tagging any of my files...  Last time I tried mediajukebox it threw in 1000 tags (one reason i stopped using it) Is it al done in a database now?

Finaly I have a use for there being all that tag info and they take it out  heh

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J.River Media Center 10.0 Released
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It's stored in the file itself, as are most tags.

If you go to "File Type Info" in the action window you'll see it there.

Media Center: Rating: #

I am sure you can use Foobar's masstagger to copy the rating over.  I use it to copy the foobar album gain over to MC's replay gain and it works great.