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Professional sources
Hello everyone, I came across these boards while doing some research for a class I'm in.  The topic of a paper I've got to write are the algorithms used in flac or ogg vorbis.  I've got some stuff that I've found online, but nothing that really describes the algorithm in depth.  I know flac uses some variation on Huffman codes, but there's got be more to it than that. 

My professor also requires at least one professional, peer reviewed article.  I've got acess to pretty much anything through the university library, but I've had no luck so far.  Does anyone know of anything written on these two algorithms?

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Professional sources
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Professional sources
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If you're not very familiar with Rice coding and similar codings, you may want to have a look at the following paper:
Punctured Elias Codes for variable-length coding of the integers
Peter Fenwick, 5 december 1996
And don't be mislead by the title, it discusses several codes.

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Professional sources
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just to make sure you have seen this (you most likely have)