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now playing..

is there any plugin which can send the name and artist of the song playing to your webserver, via ftp or something?

if so, could you tell me,t hanks

now playing..

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Text writer component will export it to a text file, then you can use other tools to upload it to your web server.

now playing..

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I've had it work with foo-text (for previous entries) in combinaton with foo_ampiwrapper and curl.

BTW does a FTP login (Curl) during each song not put a certain stress on the server?

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i have done this on my website using the Textwriter plugin and then integrated it into the website by some simple php. I use a program called WebDrive to map the FTP to windows, and then the Textwriter plugin is able to upload the file itself.


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there's a plugin called Listento that does exactly what you want.. it lets you link to a dynamically updated image that displays info to your specifications.. the image can range from simple text to a graphic made to look like a winamp skin and many other themes..

you'll have to sign up (free), then download the codec for foobar.. it's outdated but it has continued to work for me.. also, there was an error in the instructions when i downloaded it (not sure if they've fixed it, but i did draw their attention to it) and i had to search alot to find the correct submission info for the plugin.. so to save you the hassle, here it is

submission site url:
port: 80
path to submission page: /postmp3.php
service to use: Listen-to
submit string:
Code: [Select]

(this is the info you enter on the Dynamic Image Update page that will appear in the preferences dialog)

i've noticed that this plugin can cause foobar to lock up for about 30 seconds on track change.. this tends to happen only during peak usage hours, in my experience, and as long as you don't try to do anything right after a track change it's never noticeable..

hope that helps



now playing..

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Thank you Crazy Coder ! 

Your plugin works very well, even if it's a little difficult to configure.

Edit: Why mine is blur ?
And could it be possible to write "foobar2000 is stopped" on the dynamic signature when I close foobar ?

now playing..

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Edit: Why mine is blur ?
And could it be possible to write "foobar2000 is stopped" on the dynamic signature when I close foobar ?

Make sure that quality is set to 100 in the config.

You can update signature on player exit event. This will probably require some rewriting of php code, however you can simply try to set song title to "not playing" by passing such parameter to the script on Exit event.

See AMIP Configurator Callbacks/Web settings.

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This works perfectly well! Thank you CrazyCoder!
Life is Real...
(But not in audio :) )

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Ok thank you again. Now my signature shows "...Rien du tout pour l'instant!"
when I stop or close foobar and I haven't had to rewrite signature.php  .

But in my signature, quality was already set to 100 and it's still blur.
And how can you activate the 'ago' fonction? It doesn't work with my signature and I set  $config['ago'] = true; 

The php signature I use is dated to 28 Jun 2003.

now playing..

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ludox, ago function will work only when dynamic mode is enabled, it should be documented somewhere in the script.

Please send your signature.php to coder at tools-for dot net and I'll check what may be wrong. Please also specify PHP and GD versions installed on the server.

Edit: it seems you are using .jpg image, try to use .png instead.

now playing..

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Is there a plugin that do this without having to connect to a site? so

foobar ----> MSN or MSN Plus!