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ABX Programs
I would like to download and use one of the ABX test programs (for Windows) with hopes of learning to use it and participate in one of the upcoming listening tests.

Can anyone who has experience with the variety of programs make any recommendations as to which one a beginner might choose?

I would need good documentation at the least.  Also, are some less complex and others with more advanced features? If so, which one is more simple?  Is one more suitable for beginners?


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ABX Programs
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For beginners I'd recommend foobar2000 ABX too. Just highlight 2 tracks in playlist (after applying replaygain -> trackgain) and hit ABX two tracks from rightclick menue. Encoded files will be decoded to temporary .wav files automatically, you can use DSPs (especially SSRC resampler to 48kHz if you have a resampling soundcard).

Other programs like WinABX might seem simpler, but you have to decode the compressed files you want to ABX manually to .wav before you can start and have to ensure that you avoid clipping (-> replaygain) manually too.

With ABC/HR (.exe or jave version) you can blindly compare multiple encoded versions at once so it can be used to find out "what sounds better or worse to me" additionally to "can I be sure that I hear a difference". You'll have to decode to .wav manually too.

For more information see the Wiki ("Knowledgebase Project") and the FAQ (ABX section).
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ABX Programs
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You'll have to decode to .wav manually too.

If you put the corresponding command line decoder in your path or in the application directory, ABC/HR-Java will automatically decode files. This also works in pure ABX mode.

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ABX Programs
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Thanks for the reples-Tigre & Schnofler,

I'll take that as one for Foobar,  and one for ABC / HR-Java...I think.