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lame 3.96b1 and mareo

When I try to use the newest version of LAME (3.96b1) with MAREO, I get an error.  This is the action line I use:

mp3 NONE NONE "@ownpath@\lame.exe" --alt-preset standard --ta "@artist@" --tl "@cdname@" --tt "@songname@" --tn "@track@" --ty "@year@" --tg "@genre@" --tc "EAC+LAME alt-preset-standard" "@source@" "@dest@"

When I use LAME 3.90.3 and the same action line it works fine.  Does anyone know why this doesn't work with 3.96b1?  I wanted to test it out.

P.S. - Obviously, I'm not just using it for mp3s.  I also create mpcs but I don't think it's important to the problem.
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lame 3.96b1 and mareo
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all i can guess here is that the tagging CLI switches are somehow broken in the new lame.

you could find the culprit switch through elimination if you have the time.  i'm sure LAME devs would be happy to hear of any simple-to-fix bugs

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lame 3.96b1 and mareo
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Does it happen on every CD and track you have tried?

In my experience with mareo, if an error message is returned by the encoder then it is shown in the command window after the command line being called but before the mareo error message.  For example (in red):

"C:\Program Files\lame\3.96b1\lame.exe" --alt-preset standard  --ta "Muse" --tl
"Absolution" --tt "Intro" --tn "1" --ty "2003" --tg "genre" --tc "EAC+LAME -alt-
pre-standard" "D:\My Music\! Exact Audio Copy\Muse\Absolution\Mtmp-!556.wav" "D:
\My Music\! Exact Audio Copy\Muse\Absolution\Mtmp-!556.mp3"

Unknown genre: 'genre'.  Specify genre name or number
ERROR: "C:\Program Files\lame\3.96b1\lame.exe" --alt-preset standard  --ta "Muse
" --tl "Absolution" --tt "Intro" --tn "1" --ty "2003" --tg "genre" --tc "EAC+LAM
E -alt-pre-standard" "D:\My Music\! Exact Audio Copy\Muse\Absolution\Mtmp-!556.w
av" "D:\My Music\! Exact Audio Copy\Muse\Absolution\Mtmp-!556.mp3" returned the
error code 1

*** DONE ***

1 errors ocurred. Press any key to end.

If there is no message at this point then in my experience this points to the fact that the encoder was not even called, such as when the lame.exe file doesn't exist in the specified folder.  Do you see an error message at this point?